Tarot and the Kabbalah: Lesson 3

By Gary Meister

Last time, we began looking at the Sephira (spheres) of the Tree of Life, covering Sphere One—The Crown, Potential—through Sphere Four—Mercy, Compassion. This time, we’ll begin with Sphere Five, Severity (Rules and Laws).

So far, we have become Aware, we’ve developed the Intention to create, we have began to Believe we could do it, and we’ve developed Compassion for the created. This Compassion is the Universal Love of the Creator toward all of that which has been  created, including you and me.

Now, Sphere Five: Once the creation is under way, it becomes necessary to have rules and Laws for the creative process. We might liken this to the Law of Gravity, the Law of Cyclicity, the Law of Karma, etc. Without these Laws, the Creator would have to start completely from scratch for each infinitesimal thing being created, an exhaustive process, indeed! But—once these Laws are in place, there is a foundation laid for each and every thing created from that point on. 

To bring this down to our level, we might use the computer as an example. If we had to completely program the computer each time we wanted to do something with it, it would take forever to accomplish anything. Instead of that, there are programmers who set up the operating system (Windows, etc.) with underlying rules and laws that enable us to start at a reasonable point of creation. The Creator did the same. 

We will mentally place all the fives on this sphere. If you draw a five in a reading—say the Five of Pentacles (material things)—you might tell the querent, “You should be very careful to obey the law in all you financial dealings at this time, there is a weakness in your vibrations which could otherwise cause you to get caught.”  

What would you say if you drew the Five of Swords? Think about it. Work with it until you have an answer. These lessons follow a progression, building one upon another, but you have to work with them for the progression to take place. So—think about it.

Now, Sphere Six: The last two spheres dealt first with Universal Love (Mercy, Compassion) and the rules or Laws we need to follow. Once these are in place and operating properly, we move on to the Sphere of Beauty—Harmony. When Love and a set of rules or Laws are in place, we have Beauty and Harmony in that which is being created. Everything is working together to bring about that which is desired by the Creator. 

We can bring that down to our own level of creation quite easily. Say you want to create a painting… First, you need to choose a subject, something you want to paint. It can be anything from a portrait to a landscape, but you need to feel strongly about it, to Love it, so to speak. It needs to inspire you. Then, you need to mix your paints according to the fixed rules of color. For instance, you can’t come out with green if you mix red and orange—it just will not work! But, if you follow the rules and blend blue with yellow, the result will always be green. The shades of green are found by the amounts of each mixed, or by adding small amounts of other colors. Whatever your desired color may be, it will always work by mixing the same pigments together.

Now—you have Beauty, Harmony.

Again, let’s take it down a notch. I have over a dozen grandchildren. Consequently, I’ve had a lot of opportunity to watch little children learn the ins and outs of living in this world. For the most part, they are very, very patient. They will try the same thing over and over until they finally accomplish it. A small child sees us walking around, so he knows it can be done. We know she has the potential to learn it—so does she… He develops the intention to walk. She believes she can do it. He has compassion for himself when he falls over and over again. Little by little she learns what she must do (Law) to maintain her balance. And then he walks! This step is the harmony in what he/she has been working toward all along. The look on his/her face at this moment is sheer BEAUTY (Sphere Six).

We’ll put the sixes with Sphere Six.  How would you read the Six of Wands? How about the Six of Cups? Work with it…

Sphere Seven: Victory… At each step along the way of creation there is a moment where it all falls together victoriously. This is exemplified by Sphere Seven. 

We might imagine the Creator had reached the point where there was space/time, and the space-dust for building all material things—a place outside of the spiritual world Infinite Mind naturally inhabits. This was a major Victory!  The Deity now had a canvas upon which to paint everything we know as reality. All was in place for the further creation of suns, planets and, finally, conscious beings. These were already beginning to form at this time. A major Victory, indeed!

We put all the Minor Arcana Sevens in this position. If I were to draw a Seven of Cups, I might tell the client (or myself, if I’m reading for me), “The relationship you have been trying to pull together is beginning to ‘gel.’ Your desires are coming to pass—Victory!”

If you are studying along with this course, pull the fives, sixes and sevens out of your deck and work with them until you have something to say for each of them, on sight! And, as you get more and more comfortable with the cards, write what you have learned in your Tarot notebook. As you go along, you will see just how helpful that can be.

Just as a reminder: your Tarot notebook doesn’t have to be anything fancy; a loose-leaf binder is perfectly well suited for this. Now, make a full page for each of the cards as you study them. Each time you learn something new, write it down on the appropriate page. As new things come to you, write them down as well. While you write these things, it is a good idea to say them aloud to yourself. That way, your subconscious mind has four ways to remember the information: 1st—it “hears” the conscious mind think about it; 2nd—it directs the hand to write it down and remembers that; 3rd—it sees what you are writing and, finally, it hears you say it. This really works!

Next time—the creation of intelligence, the emotions, and finally, material manifestation.

Have a great month!

Bright Blessings ~ Gary Meister, CTM

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