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I have to say that I love the October issue each year.  It is an anniversary for Melanie and I as our first issue as Editor and Assistant Editor of Tarot Reflections was the October 2007 issue, so we always try to make it a bit special, which we do by making it a double issue!  

October is an especially spiritual month (and a busy one for professional readers!), as we have Samhain, Halloween, and All Saints' followed by the Day of the Dead on November 2.  There are many opportunities for parties and participation in events right now.  Hiring readers as entertainment at events is at an all-time high as Tarot is continually featured on television and in the media... and not necessarily in the bad light it has been shown in the past.  In fact, on one of the latest episodes of Bones (on Fox), Cyndi Lauper portrayed a Tarot reader/psychic and the portrayal was flattering to readers... at least I thought so.   My big October event is to read as a volunteer for a local Women's Expo as a way to expose Tarot and oracle reading to people who wouldn't normally get readings.  Last year, I did 70 readings in a 12 hour period (over 2 days) and not one of those people had ever had a Tarot reading before.  All walked away feeling differently (in a good way!) about reading than they had before they sat down.  Now's a great time to volunteer your services in your community and change some minds!

Thanks to all those who read Tarot Reflections regularly and played in the contest this past month!  We enjoy the contest, too!  Our congratulations go out to:

Annie Dunlop from Melbourne, Australia!

Annie correctly guessed that the clip was from the Fool card of Ciro Marchetti's Gilded Tarot.  Because we are running a double issue this month, we are going to have TWO contests!  Be sure to make a note of when each ends and enter!  The odds of winning are really great!

Speaking of decks, if you haven't been to the U.S. Games Systems, Inc. website or the Llewellyn Worldwide website lately, you may be in for a surprise!  Both have redone their websites and both are beautiful as well as functional.  You should check them out if you have the chance!

We have some great articles for this October issue, and more coming for the Halloween issue, so enjoy!!!

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