October Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

This month's TarotScopes features the Deviant Moon Tarot created by Patrick Valenza and published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  It is available on the U.S. Games Systems, Inc. website as well as through many fine Tarot retailers worldwide. The images used are by permission. - Ed.


Sun (4 of Pentacles) 

Self-recognition is the highest form of personal power. When you embrace the totality of who you are, the desperate need for material security begins to diminish. During the darkest of times, it is not the physical comforts that will save you, but rather the awareness of your uniqueness that will lead you back into the light. As you grow to trust in the Universe and the nature of your character, you will find positive reflections of your knowing. Use this time for self-expression and focus your energy on making conscious decisions – you will find fulfillment in even the smallest of tasks.


Devil (Queen of Wands) 

You have the potential to see yourself in your entire splendor, yet you must first discard any judgments of good and bad because they have no value. As you embrace both the light and dark aspects of your being, you will find less need to define your actions. You may also want to question the value of your current relationships. Is what you’re getting out of them equal to what you’re giving? As you have compassion for your own shortcomings, so will others, and as you accept and come to respect all that is within you, you will have the freedom to accept others. 


Hierophant (9 of Pentacles) 

The need for social acceptance can be a distraction from honoring your own truth, and, in an attempt to fit in, you may adopt erroneous beliefs. A viewpoint based upon your own life experience is wiser than one borrowed from another’s. It’s when you are feeling most satisfied with yourself that this becomes apparent. Even in times of trouble, look to your own wisdom and recognize your abilities. Search for answers, discover your own path, and take responsibility for all occurrences. When you establish your own philosophy, you become a divine law unto yourself, no longer dependent upon group thought or approval.


Emperor (6 of Swords) 

When you were a child and in the premature stages of developing autonomy, entities like parents, teachers, police and the government represented authority. Then, as a natural life passage, you rebelled against the establishment. Through this process, you developed a deeper understanding of your own unique power. In the areas that you feel disempowered, you are again being called upon to reclaim a sense of command. No one can make you feel subservient but yourself. This reorganization of authority will lead you to a place of least resistance. When you accept responsibility for your journey, you are truly your own keeper. 


Moon (3 of Swords) 

Still in the underworld…there are many perceptions to be viewed. Confrontation with your own deception is always challenging and often unwelcome. However, freeing yourself from this elusive enemy creates an inner-world peace. Fear has a way of distorting truth because it clings to the most convenient excuses: I didn’t know; it’s not my fault; this is unfair. Fear separates you from your deepest knowing. The defenses you employ work against you. If there’s an outward betrayal, there’s an internal design. Be honest with yourself, so others may be honest with you as well.


Tower (4 of Cups) 

An assumed feeling of security may become threatened in a way that forces you to recognize your greatest fears, and although the temptation may be to simply wait until it passes, it will not pass – it cannot pass. Security is an illusion unto itself and when you fall victim to its lull, you must be jarred back into your senses. The measure of discomfort you feel is proportionate to the mistaken ideas you have adopted. However, the silver lining is that after it all falls down, only the truth remains – your truth.


Hermit (2 of Pentacles) 

Life demands an active engagement that is often mistaken as activity. To believe that every moment in time must be actively filled in order to be productive is untrue. Unfortunately, most people use this exhaustion as justification to avoid deeper reflection, and then feel helpless in the despair of what they call depression. Ironically, it is wise to pursue this depression as a way of filtering out the superficial concerns of life, for you are constantly impressed with the cares of the world. Make time each day to reflect and regulate your sensitive system. Choose what you want and discard the rest. 


Fool (King of Swords) 

The adventure of life is a perpetual journey into unknown spaces of time and thought, and as you maneuver around one experience, you are introduced to three more. Your mind is like a sword carving a path for you to follow, stepping upon the many beliefs you have created and cutting away those that do not serve. You may experience a powerful impulse that seems outside your everyday thinking. There’s great opportunity available, as long as you do not dissect it too much. Rather, use your mind to project the results you desire while at the same time honoring the intuitive spark that motivates you. 


Hanged Man (5 of Wands) 

In an attempt to control situations, we inadvertently fight ourselves, and then claim that life is challenging, so we end up fighting even harder. It’s commonly taught, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Yet, the “way” is also learning to relinquish will to a higher source. You may find yourself in what seems like a precarious situation. Here’s your chance to let go and allow the natural flow to redirect you. Life is a paradox: you must counteract an influence by engaging its opposite. If you can emotionally disengage, you may gain greater perspective and awareness.


World (Ace of Wands) 

Within every seed lies the blueprint of existence, and through your intention and attention, you give birth to the process called life. Inspiration entices us to raise the stakes and aspire for more than what we are. You are in the stages of a new phase. It is important to plant the seeds that you desire and tend to them completely. Half-wanted desires produce diseased crops. Universal principals will guide you, as long as you remain active in the process and detached from the outcome. Marriage and/or celebration are also on the horizon as your relationships progress to the next level.


Wheel of Fortune (10 of Wands) 

Much like the seasons, life is also subject to cycles. One minute you can be on top and the next second, at the bottom. We are the choreographers of this eternal dance and when your intentions are consciously expressed, you begin to see how each step sets the next one in motion. A heavy load will lighten and spin you in another direction. The areas that once felt oppressive will encompass new opportunity and you will create new momentum. There’s no need to abandon your goals; rather, redirect your intentions and be sure the two are congruent.


Death (Queen of Pentacles)

Stripping away all that is superfluous is what makes space for new growth. In your attachment to what is, you may overlook a valuable process. If you hold too tightly to something or someone, you will inevitably lose either that object or your self-respect. You must trust that you’re capable of managing under any circumstance. An area of security has reached the need for change. From this, you may experience a major transition. As your environment changes, so does your philosophy. This is the magic of self-renewal: within every death is an opportunity for life. 

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