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Tarot Reflections is a bi-monthly, web-based publication of the ATA containing insightful essays, informative reviews, guided meditations, tarot-related humor ... and more! Archives of back issues are maintained online.

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This Issue's Featured Article:
Shadow of the Chariot

Explore the shadow side of Trump VII with Sandra Thomson, ATA President and widely published Tarot author.

Tips from the Trumps
Building a Tarot website? These twenty-two trump-inspired tips can help your Web Pages evolve into Web Kings.

Meditation: Eight of Swords
Intimidated by the Rider-Waite Eight of Swords? Give this empowering meditation a try.


Wisdom Reading: Wholeness vs. Goodness
Would you rather be "whole" or "good?" James Wells explores the question in a wisdom reading.

Poem: The Tarot
A tribute to the Tarot by Australian poet Andrew Pell.  More...

ATA News and Announcements
Everyone deserves a break, including the Tarot Reflections staff. Here's the latest on our upcoming hiatus, plus news about the mentoring program. More ...


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