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Tarot Reflections

  June 01, 2003

Poem: The Tarot
Andrew Pell

Andrew Dennis Pell is a composer, musician and poet living in Australia who is greatly interested in metaphysics and spiritual matters. From an early age he was fascinated with spirituality and has been involved in churches and church music since he was 7 years old. Andrew is presently Director of Music for an Anglican Church in Sydney, a position he has held for the past thirteen years. 

He believes that the Tarot and Astrology with the right practitioner can be a very useful tool in helping people focus on existing problems and helping to crystallize solutions. A goal is to one day write a piece of music that symbolizes the Tarot and its meanings. 



O mystic light and spirit guide,
Whose presence transcends both time and space?
Shuffle the cards, and let the energies pour in,
The truth and illumination, you must fully embrace.

See the past, the present and the future unravel before you.
See the colours, the images as they appear.
Let the cards speak the truth and your world renew,
Embrace the outcome and have no fear.
The spirit world and material world have now become as one.
Shuffle the cards again for the truth to be told.
See the kaleidoscope of colours and understand what must be done,
Seize the outcome and let the inner truth unfold.
Let the inner light illuminate your mind,
Shuffle the cards again, and absorb the imagery.
Become as one with the cards, the inner world you will surely find.
For then you will transcend both time and space, and watch the darkness flee.
Shuffle the cards again, one last time,
See the revelation, the truth what must be.
Give thanks, and then leave with reverence and gratitude.
For your angelic guides will protect you and ensure that you will truly shine.

Andrew Pell


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