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Tarot Reflections

  June 01, 2003

ATA News and Notes
June 2003

The ATA Board

  • President - Sandra Thomson
  • Vice President of Communication - Valerie Sim
  • Vice President of Media - Mark McElroy
  • Vice President of Education - Janet Selman
  • Secretary - Christopher dellaMaison
  • Treasurer - Tracy Hite

Tarot Reflections will take a short break after this issue, returning to our regular publication schedule as of July 1. Hey -- everyone deserves a little summer vacation!

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Looking for that special someone to share your deepest thoughts with?  We’ll match you up!! 

No, the ATA is not going into the matchmaking business…but how would you
like a mentor to help you along your tarot path, to run ideas and dilemmas by…to be a friend and learning partner? 

Or are you ready to begin teaching, to provide a helping hand to a newer reader, a listening ear to an experienced one?  Then you might want to become a mentor!  Contact for more information on ATA’s Mentoring Program!



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