Reading Responsibly: The Psychic User

By Peggy Firth, CTM

How many times have you been the foil of the querent, who is dismayed to find they can’t use you to prophesize precisely the answers and outcomes they desire?  Lately, I have had a couple of querents who confessed that they had been to more than one other psychic, in a short period of time, in an attempt to find such answers.  So, what kind of response would you give, and what sort of a reading would you devise, if you were to encounter this “psychic user”?

Every person has a unique situation, but there are some guidelines I personally use, some gleaned from my spiritual counseling practitioner work, some adopted from great teachers, and some absorbed by reading the Tarot for twenty plus years, that can help you to read effectively for the “psychic user”.  I must also add that I draw heavily from Depak Chopra and my four years of practitioner training.  

My habit of listening and gaining a well-rounded sense of the problem facilitates my approach.  Often, just listening and asking key questions relieves up to half of the querent’s stress.  I call it “being a mom”.  Listening well allows me to form relevant questions, to help guide the querent towards the real issue.  Sometimes the real issue is not what they expect, but a deeper issue behind the original question.  Remember, once you begin hearing repetition in your querent’s dialogue, you can go on to the next stage. 

It may now be the right time to introduce some spiritual laws as they relate to the querent.  Such phrases as, “You are constantly re-creating your life with your thoughts,” “Change your mind and you change your outcome,” “Your old belief systems may have to change,” or “How are you pre-paving your future circumstances?” are meant to stimulate a deeper thinking process and create new ideas of responsibility.  These ideas should remove any blame placed on others for creating a negative outcome.  I also make it a point to describe to the querent the way I read the Tarot, which follows the trend of reading the inner and outer aspects of a situation, examining the obstacles, dynamics, and events, and shedding light on the key characteristics of these elements so that they can be recognized.  

A short, two card reading outlines the situation and challenge.  (Sandra Thompson, a Tarot Grand Master, describes such a reading in her book, The Heart of the Tarot.)  Throughout the reading, I continue to ask questions which the querent is likely to already have answers for, since she has thought a lot about her situation.  

By listening, teaching, and reading with the querent’s deeper issues in mind, we can provide some clarity and help the “psychic user” to at last be satisfied that their questions have been answered.  Remember, we Tarot readers are often the first step our querent takes towards facing a difficult life situation, and through our understanding and comforting natures, we can help our querent move forward in the direction that is right for them.  

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