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By Melanie Harris

You might not be an April fool, but you’re likely feeling a bit uncertain about the changes brought by spring.  The weather warms and the demand for outdoor physical activity increases, just as your creativity and motivation blossom, tempting you to ignore the sunshine and get to work on that new exciting project.  Meanwhile, the social norm of Spring Cleaning looms, and with it comes the promise of a more enjoyable and organized living environment, along with the grueling, nail-tearing, floor-scrubbing pleasure of housework overload.  What’s needed is balance, a good mix of work and fun.  April is a time of action, and as long as you take steps to prevent burn-out, you can harness this month’s fast-flowing energy to quickly achieve your heart’s desires.  Here are some April Tarot activities to put you on the fast track to Springtime success.

Tarot Talisman for Swiftness

To speed along the attainment of a goal, try this Tarot talisman for swiftness.  Choose the Eight of Wands or the Chariot, and imagine the success you desire.  Visualize it in detail, picturing the clothes you will wear, the money that will be in your pocket, and the people surrounding you.  Picture this as if you’re viewing it from a distance, and then imagine the image rushing towards you, ending up in the Tarot card you have chosen to be the talisman.  You can carry the card with you, or simply leave it out somewhere in your home.  The effect will be fairly immediate, so be ready to answer when success comes knocking.

Balancing Tarot Layout

To help achieve a sense of balance this spring, evaluate your priorities with the Balancing Tarot Layout.  Take out the Temperance card and place it at the top center of the spread.  Shuffle the deck into a loose pile.  Focus your thoughts on the questions, “What do I do too much of?” and, “What do I have too much of?”  Select the cards that feel right to you, placing them in a vertical column below, and to the left of, the Temperance card.  Now, contemplate, “What do I need to do more of?  What do I need to have more of?” and select your cards, this time placing them in a vertical row below, and to the right of, the Temperance card.  Examine the layout with a mind open to solutions, and effective ways to regain balance in your life will be apparent.

Tarot Ritual for Spring Cleaning

Unless your name is Heloise, or Martha Stewart, you could probably use a little help in the Spring Cleaning department.  This Tarot ritual helps break the grip of even your most persistent messes.  

Begin by concealing the Seven of Swords, which can symbolize haphazard disorder and chaos.  Put it inside a book or a box you rarely access, away and out of sight.  As you do so, whisper to the card, “Chaos and clutter, your reign here is through!”
Next, walk through your house with the Nine of Cups, announcing, “Order shall prevail here!”  

Now, take the Ace of Swords to any areas of your home that need scrubbing.  Point the card towards the dirty surface and say, “I sever this dirt; it will wipe away easily.”  Now, clean as fast as you can for twenty to thirty minutes, and then take a nice, long break.  That’s enough power cleaning for one afternoon!

A good and productive April can set the tone for the entire spring season.  These Tarot activities will give you an edge, magically jumpstarting your Spring Cleaning, bringing balance to your life, and helping you to swiftly achieve your goals.  Enjoy the sunshine, but be sure to get some work done, as well.  After all, nothing is as important as a spotless kitchen floor.  April Fools!  Go have fun!

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