Interview with Timothy Lantz, Tarot Artist and Graphic Illustrator


Copyright (c) 2008 Timothy Lantz

By Melanie Harris
A hard rocking, hard working, talented graphic artist with a love for heavy metal, fantasy art, comics, and the Tarot, Timothy Lantz, whose first publication, the Archeon Tarot, has recently had another print run via U.S. Games Systems, Inc., is anything but typical.  Timothy has illustrated book covers for Juno Books and other publishers, comic book covers for Moonstone Books, art for the DC Comics VS CCG trading card game expansion deck, and he’s even done graphics work on weather maps and on TV commercials.  Somehow, we enticed him to stop working for long enough to enjoy a quick chat.

Tarot Reflections: What inspired you to create your deck, the Archeon Tarot?
Timothy Lantz: You always find other artists working on the Tarot, and after seeing several approaches that didn't satisfy me, I figured, why not try and create my own? 
TR: Did you get into any sort of psychic or mystic state to create the artwork for the deck?  
TL: No, I prefer to keep my head clear and focused, and just have fun with the creation.  
TR: Did you listen to music while you were working on it?
TL: Probably the music I listened to the most while creating the deck was The Crimson Idol CD by W.A.S.P.
TR: Did you do the artwork the old fashioned way, or is it digital?
TL: The Archeon Tarot was created about 90% digital, with some hand drawn and hand painted elements thrown in to the mix.
TR: It works well.  The art is mystical and ethereal, but it also looks crisp and clear to me, sort of like looking through really cold water.  Do you have a favorite card in the deck?
TL: In any series this big (78 cards) it's hard not to have favorites and ones you wish you had done differently.  Probably my most favorite is The High Priestess.  I just think she turned out beautifully and matched what I saw in my head more than any of the others.
TR: So, what most surprised you about the process of creating a Tarot?
TL: I think the most surprising thing was that people were really interested in what I was doing.  Even early on, there was a really huge swell of support, which was a surprise since I was mostly just working on this as an exercise for myself. 
TR: I wonder, when you first discovered the Tarot, what did you find most intriguing about the cards?
TL: I think I first found the Tarot when I was in Junior high.  I think it was symbolism and the mystery of the whole thing that really captured my imagination.
TR: And imagination is definitely an essential when it comes to good art.  It takes more than that, though, especially if you’re setting out to make an entire Tarot deck like you did.  What advice would you share with aspiring Tarot artists?
TL: Keep working!  The internet is full of started but never finished Tarot; stick with it and complete the journey.
TR: So, any new decks in the works, or other Tarot projects planned for the future?
TL: Yes.  But that's all I'm saying for now!

Fine, Timothy.  Be that way. 08  We’ll just have to check for updates on your website,   And there’s  a ton of interesting info about the Archeon Tarot at . 
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