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By Walks With Thunder

Sounds easy sometimes, to just let things happen as they should.  And yet, we want to jump in and "help" things along, for ourselves and for those we love.  I do that.  In fact, I've always thought I should step in when someone I love needs a hand with relationships, healing, or life in general.  But the miracles happen when I just let the old ego and agenda of self fall away, come what may. 

A dear friend of mine told me, "Just bless the situation for the best outcome for everyone, and let it be."  At the time, I wanted to say, "Easy for you to say!"  I thought about the advice, though.  It sounded strangely like that releasing technique I teach for addictions, habits, negative self-talk, etc.  Having a warrior spirit, when family or friends are wronged, I instinctively get out my spiritual war gear and get ready to kick some serious behind.  But the Angels have been telling me, “Not so fast.  Choose love in everything."  Talk about not easy!  I have been doing my best to switch gears and choose love, even in those difficult moments where I feel I should come to the rescue.  When I can choose to respond with kindness (or love) instead of with power and command, I am practicing love.  It's a conscious shift for me.  I'm a work in progress.

My apprentices have noticed this difference- some of them are used to the warrior spirit kicking butt, or calling in Grandfather and Thunder Spirits' discipline, so they see it as a sign of weakness.  I say it's a sign of power to consciously choose love, though this should not be confused with indecision (been there).  In fact, to choose love is powerful and good for everyone.  I admit- being a warrior is the only choice when you're faced with irrational, unreasonable, emotionally unstable, or just plain mean people.  Yeah baby, my lightning bolts are ready!

The folks that listen to my blog talk radio show have noticed, too, saying Walks With Thunder seems softer now, more approachable... It's true- most of the time.  I don't do so much of that discipline stuff anymore; the Angels have begun to change me.  It's a time of self-discovery and spiritual re-invention for me.  I admit, for a while there my mind was going north while my spirit headed south.  My usually confident self was confused, and it was difficult to make a decisions.  I found myself in the Land of Waffling (that's that place of indecision I warned you about earlier). 

Looking at my own life as though it were someone else's put everything into perspective- it allowed me to let go of my feelings and personal interests, and it reminded me that this work is not about me.  The free energy I tap into heals folks in 5 minutes or less, and it sticks around to keep them healed.  It's not my omnipotent power, I'm just the conduit. This transition in my life is an important reminder to get out of my own darn way, to cut that which does not serve me, to look at my life from the outside, and take time to listen to Spirit.  It's all good.  And you know, those same apprentices now say that Walks With Thunder is back! 

May you be blessed to make the decisions that make sense in your life, to let go of the judgments that you perceive others hold for you so that you stop saying "should," "can't," "won't," "never," and "always."  May love for yourself and others bless you with clarity of Spirit.

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