Tarot & the Kabbalah: Lesson 15

By Gary Meister, CTM, MsD

In Lesson 14 I found a typo that needs to be corrected. In the first line it says “This time we will travel from Sphere 5, Severity, across to Sphere 14”… The end of the sentence needs to be changed to “Sphere 4”. 

This time we will travel from Sphere 4, Mercy, down to Sphere 6, Beauty, on pathway number 9. This path is represented by Major Arcana Key, IX, The Hermit.

The Hermit stands at the top of a snow-covered mountain looking down at the path he has followed to get here. He holds a long staff in his left hand and appears to be leaning on it, perhaps to rest up from his long journey. He holds a lighted lantern out in his right hand; he appears to be lighting the path for those who may follow him. He has set an Example for them—the best way to teach.

Having created Mercy, God—the Creative Principle—compared what had been created up to now with this principle and found that Mercy was Beautiful. This brought about the need to create a pathway to Sphere 6, Beauty. The esoteric keyword for this pathway, and The Hermit is “Example”.

The Creator found that the process of creation was a learning process and that learning was best accomplished by Example. Universal Mind then filed this information away for use when the creation was completed—and the process was beautiful.

Our baby, now a teenager, is learning many things which they take with them into adulthood. And, most of the learning is accomplished through example. they don’t know how to become an adult without watching the adults in their sphere of influence. If the parents are smokers, the lesson is—adults smoke. To feel more mature, they will very often will take up smoking a very dangerous activity!

If the adults around them use alcohol to an extreme, the children tend to follow this example and do the same. If their parents use drugs, they will tend to do the same. However the adults around them behave, they will take it as an example to follow—and they will follow it!

Now: as an adult, you are fully responsible for your own behavior. You are able to do whatever you choose to do, some of it beneficial and some of it harmful to you. However; it is important for you to remember that—like it or not—you are an example to follow. Somebody is watching you and emulating your behavior. There is no getting around it, you are an example—and there are people who will follow the example you set. If you don’t like the behavior of the people around you, take a look at the example you are setting. It may turn out to be a surprise to you, but they may very well be following your example.

In a reading, I might say to the Querent: It appears that there are people in your life who are causing you problems by their behavior. It is a good idea right now for you to look at your own conduct to see the example you might be setting. All of us are examples to others and we draw the same kind of treatment from others as the model we set for them. It is a combination of the Law of Attraction and plain old Karma. What we give, we will receive. Remember the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Because they will. Whatever we give to the world it will give back to us—unfailingly! Set the best example you are capable of setting; you’ll see your life improve dramatically!

See you next time. 😊

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