Tarot for Today

By Melanie Harris

With August comes the first harvest, a whisper of fall’s imminent arrival. Farmers are gathering their grains, and gardeners are lovingly watching their flowers and herbs march toward maturation. By contemplating the cycles of the world around us, we can become aware of the same cycles within ourselves. This is a month to focus on our personal growth, to give thanks for our joys, and to embrace the fullness of who we really are. It’s an excellent time to learn something new, so pull out your deck and let’s get to it.

Tarot Talisman for Learning

Whether you want to learn a new language, develop a new job skill, or unravel deep spiritual mysteries, this talisman will greatly improve your ability to acquire new knowledge and abilities. Hold the Three of Pentacles as you think about what you’d like to learn. Picture yourself using these new skills with ease. Think about other things you’ve learned; think about a time when you felt particularly smart. Send these vibrations into the card, and then touch the card to your forehead as you affirm in your own words your confidence that you will learn everything you’d like to know.

August Layout for the True Self

This layout will help you see the cycles of your own life, and will uncover aspects of your soul that have been hidden or oppressed. Shuffle your deck for a long time, thinking about your whole life, from childhood all the way to where you are right now. When you feel that the deck is ready, lay out the top three cards to represent your childhood, the next three to represent your adolescence, and the next three to represent your adult life. Contemplate these forces shown; think of how these factors have influenced you, for better or for worse. Now pick a card or two from the deck to represent any recurring themes that have patterned your destiny. Think about these cards, and decide whether or not it is beneficial to continue this pattern. Now focus your thoughts and your heart on the question, “What part of me has been wasted, what part of me is hidden away, that I need to bring out into the open for the benefit of all?” Pick a card, or several, and meditate on your choices. Use this layout as an opportunity to face some of those past and present demons, and to love yourself and embrace yourself for who you are right now, today, and for who you will be, tomorrow.

Tarot Bread Ritual

This month is a great time to rejoice in our blessings, to celebrate the simple things that sustain us. Take a piece of bread and lay it on top of the Ten of Pentacles or another card that represents bounty. Think about what you have; whether scarce or plentiful, think about the things available to you right now. Imagine a scene of fruitfulness and prosperity, fullness of body, mind, and soul. Envision the piece of bread radiating with this energy, and then eat it up, feeling this power nourishing every bit of you. 

With the coming of August, we renew our faith in the eventual demise of summer’s heavy heat. Hang on; hopefully, these Tarot activities will refresh you and get you through.

Merry August!

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