An Introduction to the Art of Magick

By Jason Kitchen

Magick is the art of willing change to occur by the use of great and intense concentration and visualization that is induced by the entrance into a different state of consciousness. That definition is only a very small piece of what magick really is. It has been described in many ways, and is also practiced in many ways, yet all of the forms and styles of magick will at some point lead to the same path of enlightenment and illumination. 

The art of magick is becoming very popular in the modern world, and with that, it is evolving to fit the needs of the day. What once were well coveted secrets, known only to a select few of educated and upper-class people, can now be found in almost any bookstore for the “regular Joe” to purchase and put to good use. Although, the secrets are still misunderstood and have been perverted by a lack of understanding from the over-imaginative and wishful thinking ignorance of the untrained and unwilling- to -ponder beginner, nonetheless, they are still there to be found. 

When I first began to brainstorm on what I should write for this first entry, a lot of things went through my mind with lightning speed, and to be quite honest, confusion. I just wasn’t sure what I could write to try and explain the basic beginning techniques of magick. Because more than likely, if you are reading this article, you have already decided to investigate the subject of magick and metaphysics, and you are now searching for a place to begin. 

But the more I thought about it, the more I came to the conclusion that if I were to start my studies all over again, what I would need more than anything would be someone to show me where to begin. Someone with knowledge and understanding of the great art to help me decide what works for me and what does not work for me. I would not want someone telling me that I had to follow a certain dogmatic view of the practice. I would just want someone to open up the door for me and let me walk through it, and then I could decide for myself what is good for me and what will work for me,  and what does not work for me. After all, magick is a trial and error form of art and science. 

First of all, you should start keeping a journal so you can keep track of your progress and write down the effects and actions of your daily work. You can also keep notes of techniques and rituals that you have learned so that you don’t have to go back through a shelf full of books searching for the right page where you first found the technique. Instead, all of the information that you have learned and collected will be right there together in your daily magickal journal or “book of shadows”. 

Next, you should begin your daily practice, at least once a day, of some of the techniques that you have learned. And if it were me, I would start by doing a relaxation ritual/technique. Magick requires a clear, relaxed state-of-mind, so that you can concentrate on the task at hand and not have the memories of the day’s events trapped in your mind, causing you to forget what you are doing and interfere with your practice. Another good technique to have knowledge of is a good banishing ritual. A banishing ritual is used to banish all of the negative energy that is around you, away from you. Like some lingering thoughts that you can not get off of your mind, or a feeling of stress and restlessness. It is also a very good way to get you used to the performance of rituals. 

I only mention these two techniques right now because that is really all a beginner needs to start with. You do not need to rush through the work and try to learn anything and everything that you can as fast as you can; that will just cause great confusion. You should build yourself a good foundation to work from, and that takes a lot of time and practice. And if you learn a couple of good, useful techniques like that, you will be very surprised what great knowledge and understanding of the human mind and body can come from them. 

Becoming a magickian is a life-long process. It is not something that can be completed in one lifetime. It is a process of evolution. You must start at the beginning and let it evolve from what you have learned. 

We live in the great kingdom of man. We all search for a good foundation in life. We need to reason with our desires. We should learn to have great mercy in our strength, and the beauty will shine through. We should understand with mighty wisdom and have a strong balance with all. Then, and only then, can we wear the crown. 

I have written this short article just to try and explain a little about what it is that I am going to write about for this great website. I am going to brainstorm some more and get in to more detail with the art of magick as I go. I do hope that I can help clear up the misconceptions and misunderstandings of magick a little. Please have patience; I am not much more than a beginner myself.

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