Meditations with the Emperor

By Michelle Swan

Get comfortable with taking deep calming breaths. When you feel ready, begin the meditation. 

You are on a country road in summer.  A horse appears out of nowhere, she nudges at you. The ebony horse wants you to ride her. So you get on and let her lead. The horse goes up a hill where a man is sitting on a gray horse. He turns around and you meet the most intense eyes you have ever laid eyes on.  Your horse rides up next to him.  He is dressed simply in a dark green shirt with beige pants and scuffed up brown boots.  Does he look familiar? Someone in your own family? 

You gaze at the scene before you. It is a castle surrounded by a bustling village, further beyond that is lush green fields. Can you see even past the fields? Do you see your own town or city in the distance?

“I come here every week to watch the land. This place is my home and I the steward.  You gage where you are going and where you want to go to be a successful ruler in all that you do. You must consider who has come before you and what you wish to leave behind you when your work is done.”

“I am not an Emperor” you say.

The Emperor smiles benevolently at you. “We are all emperor of our lives. Do not forget that, my friend.  Come let us ride.”

The Emperor and you ride all around his kingdom.  As you ride, he speaks with you about his lands, his people and his dreams.  You are welcome to ask him any questions or concerns. When you are ready to leave, The Emperor accompanies you to end of his land.

“Farewell, My Lord” you say.

“Come again and tell me how your empire is going.”

He rides off then you ride back into your reality. How was your meeting with The Emperor?  Is it what you expected? As always, write down your observations in your Tarot journal.

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