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By Melanie Harris

July is a time to relax, a time to be at ease and have some summertime fun. It might be unbearably hot, but that sunshine is good for the soul, if not for the skin. Get out in it and soak up some happiness, and then get out your cards to give your imagination some relief from the heat and to absorb some calming energy. This is a great time of year to just take a breather, to visualize where your goals might take you, and sit back and enjoy the ride that gets you there. Here are some Tarot activities for a laid back and enjoyable July.

July Calming Talisman

Try this Tarot talisman to soothe the nerves and achieve calm and balance. Choose the Temperance card, and contemplate the serenity conveyed by the card’s image. Think of what makes you feel ill at ease, and then consciously decide to let this go, to accept that there will always be stressful circumstances, but that it is your own choice whether or not to internalize this anxiety. Visualize yourself as the figure in the card, pouring water from vessel to vessel, calm and balanced. Send an energy of peace into the card. Carry this with you all month, or place it in your home to bring calm.

Easy Summer One-Card Layout

This is a time to be as lazy as possible, and a simple one-card reading is a perfect choice for divination in July. Simply think of your question, and pull a single card for advice about the matter. Don’t obsess over the details. Just get the jest of the hidden forces at work, and be patient and wait for the future to arrive.

Tarot Ritual for a Make-Believe Vacation

If you’d love a vacation but just can’t get away, try this Tarot ritual that takes you on an imaginary journey. Think of where you’d like to go, and look through your deck and select a card that best represents this place. Now imagine this place in great detail, as you shuffle the remaining cards. Visualize yourself opening a door somewhere in your dreamscape, and turn over the card on the top of the deck. This card shows what you discover behind that make-believe doorway. Now imagine an attractive stranger approaching. Look through your deck and choose a card to represent this person. This person offers you a compliment. Pick a card at random to find out what is great about you. The person then offers you a gift. Look through your deck and find the card that shows you what you see when you open your present. Now visualize what souvenirs and memories you want to take home with you from your imaginary vacation, and hold onto this energy as you put away your cards and return to reality.

With these easy Tarot activities, you can have some lighthearted fun with your cards this month. Let go of that serious countenance, if only for a little while. Happy July!

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