If You Give an Apprentice Some Fairy Dust...

By Walks With Thunder

Here I am at 49, just getting back to where I began as a child, seeing and believing in Fairies.  Yes, I am a confident man, confident in myself and in my abilities.  Why then should I want to believe, why should I even care, that Fairies are real and are in our world?  Hope is a good reason.  That they are here gives me hope that humans have a chance to live in a world of peace and happiness.

I do have the sight that allows me to see supernatural beings.  Most folks do; they just reason away the special things that happen in our lives.  Just before a class of mine at Spirit Tree Gifts in Friday Harbor, I was just browsing and looking at the fun things in that store.  Fairy Dust was shown to me while there a few months ago.  My logical mind said, “It’s just fine golden colored glitter.”  Couldn’t possibly have real Fairy magic in it.  Following my feelings, I dusted myself anyway; it was fun for me.  I then noticed my apprentice Sheelin observing me closely, so I offered her some, too. Her eyes lit up and a grin showed on her face, as she said with enthusiasm, “Yes, please!”  That was the start of something wonderful.  The shop had about 18 adults in it.  As I finished dusting Sheelin, another person stood ready to be dusted until all 18 adults had been Fairy dusted.

The class, “Power Animals and Spirit Guides,” has never been so sparkling. We left three hours later, and as we exited, we followed a path of golden sparkles to Sheelin’s SUV, just smiling and thinking how fun this was just to see it.  That set the mood for the rest of our weekend.  I stayed at her mother’s house and had a nice rest, no Fairy sightings.  The next day, still no Fairy sightings, though we did have a great time at Maitreya Education Center in Redmond.

There was an apprentice sleepover planned at Susan’s house (Susan’s another apprentice - there are four).  I stayed for a bit and then left to rest.  Going back over in the morning, I wanted to share some pictures taken of me the day before by Carolyn from Standing Stones Photography.  I have to say she made this old shoe look movie star beautiful.  I have never had a really good picture of me taken… ever, until she did!  As Sheelin was looking at the computer screen, I saw a bright golden flash.  It resolved into a bright golden ball with sparkles that came from the back of her head, flew clockwise around her, and disappeared.  I asked Sheelin if she knew she had a Fairy attached to her, and she said no, why did I ask?  I just saw one, and I told her about it.

Later we went to Llynyas in Freeland, a place I have seen Fairy activity before (see my article “We Live in A Magical World”).  The apprentices were excited to go there and wanted to see some Fairies, too.  Still no Fairy sightings for them.  The classes that day were “How to See Auras,” “Soul Retrieval,” and “Healing With Energy 3.”  I showed the students a new use for the symbol healing.  Asking the Fairy Nation to give me a symbol that allowed my apprentices to see Fairies, I saw four fairies that day, and the apprentices saw none.  Sheelin and Susan went home, as did I. They went north, and I caught the ferry south, and then another one west.

Monday, I got an excited call from Sheelin, thanking me for the weekend training, and divulging her real reason for calling me.  She had just seen a bright golden light that sparkled at her house on Friday Harbor.  Congratulating her on her success, I hung up and went about my day.   Around 6:00 PM, I was at my computer talking with my dear wife Laura about my weekend.  She suddenly said, “I Just saw a bright golden light with little moth sized wings.  It was behind you, and flew low to the carpet on its way to the living room!  It was sparkling all the way!”  

I said, “Not sure they like being compared to moths.”

Here I am days later, and there are Fairies at my house, green, golden, blue, and pink, just flying around in the back yard or passing through the house.  I understand now: the Fairy Dust honored the little golden one enough to come look us over.  Then it attached herself to Sheelin, lucky her!  Asking the Fairy Nation for a blessing and receiving it strengthened our connection to them.  


Result: I have Fairies at my house now, and some of them follow me around.  Sheelin has one at her house following her around.  Susan doesn’t have any at her place yet.  The difference: Fairy Dust.  Yes, I know it’s just fine glitter.  

It’s just not manly to have so many Fairies around here.  I’m just going to have to watch war movies and pass gas a bit more to get some respect around here.  Anyone know any folks who want some cute little Fairies at their place?  I might be able to fix you up with a few.

Walks With Fairies… Arhggg Walks With Thunder!

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