Reading Responsibly:  Careful and Responsible Readings

By Peggy Firth, CTM

A friend of mine called me in tears after a rushed Tarot reading at an expo. The reading revealed that her move from another state and subsequent house purchase was a mistake, and that she should return to her former life.

I personally feel that such readings are hurtful, and carry a psychological imbroglio that may persist for months unless a more positive reading can repair the damage. I explained to my friend that a hurried reading at an expo, with all of the whirlwind activity and people waiting their turn, might have resulted in the reader making false statements. It took another more positive reading to calm her fears and to give her back the hope of a new life she had been striving for.

As a student of the Tarot, I was taught never to discuss the three Ds: death, divorce, or disease, and to offer only information that empowers. I was taught to allow the cards to reveal the dynamics of the situation, which can be discussed with the querent. Such sage wisdom offers hope and allows for flexibility and possibilities to emerge. This approach provides clarity and possible solutions. Students of New Thought, Wicca, or other spiritual practices may also offer spiritual principles that provide the querent with a deeper understanding of their life challenges.

As a reader, I am often expected to disclose the right decision or to predict future events. I feel that such information can result in disastrous results. My counselor friends tell me that just discussing personal issues with an impartial person reduces the emotional turmoil by 50%. So, working a reading too hard is really unnecessary.

As our understanding of the Tarot and our own enlightenment evolves, the Tarot becomes more of a tool for greater clarity and understanding rather than a mere predictor of events.

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