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As Alice said in the beginning of her tour of Wonderland, "Things are getting curiouser and curiouser!" Come to think of it, sometimes this world does resemble Wonderland both in its wondrous beauty and the seemingly arbitrary nature of the rules that Patriarchy lays upon it.  

If the last Eclipse on May 20th didn't deepen your thoughts and emotions, surely the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 4th should do the trick. Eclipses are interesting aspects and the outcomes and message have a lot to do with what planets are being eclipsed, i.e., hidden. 

With a Lunar Eclipse, we are faced with a strong dose of lunar energy without the solar energy to balance and clarify. What is lurking in the shadows? What's real? How do I really feel? Who can I trust to tell the TRUTH? Only you can really answer these questions, but do try to seek the wisdom of the heart for the truest answers. Mars will be in a conflicting aspect to this eclipse which could really bring out some angry and or confronting energies personally and globally. Our electromagnetic fields continue to intensify and change, and over all foundational grids can feel less than solid, but we must try to ride these waves like an adept surfer and know where to find a life preserver in a pinch. 

I am beginning to think that the "Us and Them" comes down to those that are AWAKE  and those that are ASLEEP! This transcends politrix and religion and as this deep lunar mood descends over us, we may be deciding with whose side to align. 

Neptune in Pisces tells us that we are all One. Truly it is through an unwavering united connection of our hearts that we can transform the world from one in which greed prevails and survival of the fittest dominates to one in which the highest good of the group is part of the equation.

We have been getting wake up calls by the thousands since Jan. 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn and the walls of the Matrix started to rumble. Pluto has a way of exposing the Emperor in his "New Clothes" especially in the sign of Capricorn-- and it has been extraordinary how many Patriarchs and bastions of the Mainstream Culture have been found with their proverbial and literal pants down as well as their hands in the cookie jar. Does my rebellious heart good I must say. 

Being a good Uranian, I hate hypocrisy and we are seeing the hypocrites fall day by day. Like Bob Marley said,"You can fool some people sometime but you can't fool all the people all of the time, now you see the light - Stand up for your rights!"

This is a really important time to have a good talk with yourself and work on defining yourself and your purpose. If not now, then when? We will all have more opportunities for these "defining moments" as this time period shakes us up. If you are looking for the good old days, you had best forget that delusion. Yeah the good old days before women had more rights and black folks were still on the back of the bus and gays and lesbians were willing to live in closets as tight as a straight jacket! A new day looks pretty good to me and we can have this. 

I am not just pumping a good progressive line either because whether we want change or not, it is coming and it is in our best interest to help shape it in the most humane way possible.

The Good News, is that Venus, the feminine planet of love and relationship will be conjoining the Sun and making a rare transit across the face of the Sun on June 5th. This won't happen again until 2117. In a year with tons of really important transits, this one alone is the most significant because of its rarity. We might even see this transit of Venus across the Sun as the most defining event of the whole year and that is saying something!

Even though this event will be squared by transiting Mars in Virgo, this time could usher in a magnificent space where the Divine Feminine in all will rise up and create a more healing and loving paradigm.. The Sacred Feminine connecting with the Sun will enliven all the wonderful female qualities such as intuition, sensitivity, reflection, nurturing, patience, etc., and hold them up to the light, endowing these qualities with more visibility and creativity for everyone. Hence this could very well be a turning point of Tone. In other words, some of the Shift we are seeing-- and will see more profoundly-- is a welcoming and inhabiting of a more holistic and gentle way of occupying this planet by a larger majority. When there is a balance with male and female energies on Earth, then the atrocities leveled at our Mother will not be permitted. Balanced men do not rape anyone including the planet! 

 No doubt there will be a solid resistance to positive growth by some. There has surely been very reactionary back peddling regarding women's rights lately and this influx of Venusian/Solar energy should promote more female leadership and a backlash against this perverse need of the Repugs to bring women back to 1950's Stepford Wives lives. Venus/Sun energy will mean a more Active resistance against our cultural lack of equality as well as creating a kinder world.

The Patriarchs of old knew that to control women was to control the world so as this newer version thrashes around in its death throes, it scrambles to get a stranglehold on anything it can to sustain its primacy, but the genie is out of the bottle and the women of the world will not settle for slavery or become unwilling breeders. The more the hammer of oppression clamps down, the more the spirit of rebellion will flare. This is the nature of the times that we are living. This transit of Venus over the Sun heralds a new flame for the liberation of women as well as a potentially gentler way to solve the problems of the world. 

Shortly after the eclipse, Neptune will  begin its backwards rotation til November 10th. As I have said over and over, these years; it's going to be all about the water and this retrograde sojourn will demand that we take a second, third and forth look at how we deal with our most precious natural resource. We have some really serious problems starting here in Florida with a big greedy grab on our precious water happening and trying to happen on an even greater level as robber barons steal the pristine water of our many Springs to bottle for their profit while we receive nothing and stand to lose the most beautiful natural Springs that you have ever seen, not to mention our entire aquifer. Check out the Aquiferious group on Facebook for more info.

The Gulf still has tons of oil spilling daily with no real end in sight and regardless of what the BP lies tell you on TV, most of the Gulf seafood is not safe to eat. The Radiation from Fukashima has reached a hazardous level in North America. I am not about gloom and doom, and yes this looks bleak, but we do have Uranian, Creative minds, resources and technology to solve these problems as soon as there is a collective agreement from the Powers that Were to tell the truth and let all the resources needed to save the planet be allocated and the dollars for war be rescinded. We need to demand that our leaders have this agenda at the top of their priorities. Maintaining healthy life on the planet trumps everything. People, do not lose hope! This is doable.

It's not that our national and global problems don't have solutions. It's not that there are insufficient resources. The crisis involves lack of leadership and ethics. Anyone trying for a solution must outsmart what amounts to a cabal of heavily armed thieves who are holding the planet hostage.

by Eric Francis, Astrologer

Pluto in Capricorn squaring Uranus is just the combination of energies that can unseat this deadly alliance. 

One of the positive offerings of the Uranus/Pluto Square that is coming closer as we speak is that new ideas, new technologies can suddenly manifest as if out of the blue to tend to these Plutonic potentially tragic situations here on Earth. Uranus is great with surprises and presenting the unexpected and this challenging square that I have been talking about for a year or so will make its first exact square to Pluto on Sun. June 24, so keep this date in mind as we are certainly going to see some big changes on all levels then. 

I know that some of this sounds so huge and you want to know "How will this effect me?" So glad you asked. We all have places in our lives that are not growing, are too toxic, or simply not life enhancing; be they lifestyles, health, jobs, relationships or whatever. These are the places to look for change and to make the room for it that is needed. We can go kicking and screaming or dancing, that is the choice and you will not lose anything that you really need. 

With all these planetary and electromagnetic shifts, many of us are discovering that life as we have known it is changing and at a most rapid pace. If you are daily fielding all manner of physical malaise don't worry, much of this is our system's reaction to these changes in vibration and our DNA constantly adapting and transmuting the energies from the Third Dimension, which most still live in, to the 5th Dimension where many of us aspire. As I have said in the last 2 posts of ASTROFLASH these are Ascension symptoms which are also known as Kundalini Rising symptoms. This doesn't mean forget the acupuncture and vitamins etc., just use good holistic tools to help you move more gently through these symptoms. Know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you need a Doctor see one but don't freak when they can't exactly find anything wrong with you. 

The Gemini New Moon on the 19th offers a radical shift in consciousness that will manifest in many ways and all of you who have begun to open yourselves to your more intuitive nature will find that your growth is more rapid than you could have imagined. For those who have walked a healing path for many moons, you will find that you are catapulted light years beyond what you thought was humanly possible, so this is ALL GOOD! Some aspects of this profound shift began ramping up during the Solar Eclipse in Gemini on May 20th but with the Moon opposing the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius we should experience even more fireworks personally and globally. 

If you are wondering  when this will all slow down a bit, it doesn't! This New Moon ushers in the Summer Solstice on the 20th which, like all the Solstices of this year, is most powerful. See for more about the Celebration of Summer Solstice at Moonhaven on June 20th.

These energies congeal right before the first of 7 direct squares of Uranus to Pluto beginning on June 25th. If you think that I have been over stating the importance of that planetary configuration just wait and see how life transforms right before your very eyes.

On the 25th, Saturn takes the proverbial lead out which is pretty hard for Saturn, and we are cut loose from some of the ties that bind for better or worse. It may feel worse at times, but it is really better.

Venus, the Goddess of Love has been dragging her feet around the kozmic wheel in retro since mid-May and by June 27th, She will be on a forward path again so if you have been biding your time about any relationship changes, either beginning or ending one, now is the time for action!

Like I said, A Whole lot of Shakin' Goin On and the best way out is through on the Neptunian Bliss Wave letting yourself GO WITH THE FLOW and ENJOY THE RIDE! 


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