Occupations and Vocations in the Tarot

By Janet Boyer

In case you find yourself performing a career reading for a client, or perhaps are searching for a suitable occupation for your novel’s protagonist, here is a list of possible job and vocation associations for each of the 78 cards of the Tarot. Some are tongue-in-cheek and a few downright ribald, but most are connected to Rider-Waite card imagery, esoteric attributions, and twists on traditional interpretations. For example, the choice for “Furniture Re-upholsterer” for The Devil connects with the esoteric mode of consciousness Renewing Intelligence (see The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages by Paul Foster Case for additional esoteric attributions). 

Fool – Clown; Political Satirist; Vagabond; Comedian; Vaudeville Performer; Pulmonary Specialist

Magician – Used Car Salesman; Advertising Professional; Spin Doctor; Illusionist; Fiber Optics Engineer

High Priestess – Librarian (shhh!); Jungian Psychologist; Oracle; Occult Sage; Tarot Reader

Empress – Full-time Mom; Homeschooling Parent; Governess; Doula/Midwife; Maternity Shop Owner; Storyteller; Fertility Doctor; Charm School Headmistress; Doorman

Emperor – Elected Official ; Bureaucrat; CEO; President; Dictator; Full-Time Father; Feng Shui Consultant; Organizational/De-cluttering Expert; Ophthalmologist/Optometrist

Hierophant – “Pulpit” Minister; Educator; Church Administrator; School Superintendent; Abbess; Bishop; Priest

Lovers – Sex Therapist; Matchmaker; Kama Sutra Instructor; Anti-Trust Official; Aromatherapist; Chocolatier; Wedding Dress Designer; Tuxedo Renter

Hermit – Statue Maker; Nun; Monk; Healer; Scholar; Forest Ranger; Lighting Specialist; Shaman; Palm Reader

Chariot – Mechanic; Race car Driver; Cabbie; Bull Rider; Cowboy; Chauffeur; Home Security Specialist; Speech Pathologist

Strength – Animal Trainer; Lion Tamer; Strong Man; Dentist; Pet Groomer; Snake Handler; Otolaryngologist; Gastroenterologist 

Wheel of Fortune – Casino Worker; Speculative Investor; Professional Poker Player/Gambler

Justice – Judge; Lawyer; Investigative Journalist; Bariatric Specialist; Deli Worker; Justice of the Peace

Hanged Man – Yoga Instructor; Meditation Teacher; Oceanographer; Scaffold Worker; High Rise Window Washer; Executioner

Death – Mortician; Life Coach; Osteopath; Hospice Worker; Clock Maker; Cigarette Manufacturer; Arms Dealer

Temperance – Mediator; Pharmacist; Tattoo Artist; 12-Step counselor; Chef; Tightrope Walker; Body Piercer; Lab Researcher

Devil – Sex Worker; S & M Paraphernalia Manufacturer; Arsonist; Serial Killer; Furniture Re-upholsterer; Auto Body Specialist; Warden; Drug Dealer; Locksmith

Tower – Pyrotechnics Specialist; Stunt Person; Electrician; Demolitionist; Lightning Rod Manufacturer; Telephone Lineman; Crisis Hotline Operator

Moon – Repo Man; Bounty Hunter; Undercover Agent; Gynecologist; Plastic Surgeon; Fantasy Artist; Sleep Specialist, Dog Trainer; Crab Fisherman; Brain Surgeon

Star – Astronaut; Astronomer; Astrologist; Science Fiction Writer; Horticulturist; Wait Staff; Plant Waterer

Sun – Entertainer; Child Prodigy; Body Builder; Fitness Trainer; Department of Energy Staff

Judgement – Past-life Regressionist; Cemetery Worker; Red Cross Volunteer; Gravestone Retailer; Trumpet Soloist; Taffy Confectioner 

World – Ambassador; UN representative; Olympian; Diplomat; Graphologist; Check Forger 

Ace of Wands – Proctologist; Orchestra Conductor; Track and Field Relay Race Runner; Baseball Player

Ace of Pentacles – Dish Washer; Busboy; Landscaper; Investor; Plate Manufacturer; Numismatist

Ace of Cups – Sommelier; Fountain Designer, Plumber; Pool Supplier; Bird Bath Manufacturer

Ace of Swords – Soldier, General; Constable; Fencer; Sword/Knife Maker

Two of Wands – Travel Agent; Innovator; Fashion Designer; Career Counselor

Two of Pentacles – Juggler; Cirque de Soleil Performer; Mechanic; Accordion Player

Two of Swords – Hair Dresser; Hibachi Chef; Draftsman; Ninja

Two of Cups – Wine Steward; Waiter/Waitress; Marriage Counselor; Honeymoon Resort Specialist

Three of Wands – Shipping Magnate; Trader; Marina Owner

Three of Pentacles – Architect; Stone Mason; Brick Layer; Construction Worker; Interior Designer

Three of Cups – Vineyard Owner/Wine Maker; Distillery; Brewery; Home Party Consultant (Tupperware, Avon, Home Interior, Pampered Chef, etc.)

Three of Swords – Heart Surgeon; Tabloid Reporter; Pathologist; Butcher

Four of Wands – Event Planner; Florist; Resort Owner; Caterer; Tent or Chuppah Maker

Four of Pentacles – Retirement/Long Term Investment Specialist; Porta Potty Operator; Accountant; Rarities Collector; Conservationist

Four of Cups – Career Counselor; Celebutante; Lazy Bum; Hobby Shop Owner

Four of Swords – Casket Manufacturer; Mausoleum Owner; Armor Maker; Biofeedback Technician

Five of Wands – Member of Stomp!; Improvisational Theater Troupe; Lacrosse Player; Field Hockey Player; New York Stock Exchange Broker

Five of Pentacles – Medical Supply Dealer; Homeless Shelter Worker; Stained Glass Artisan; Window Installer; Snow Plower

Five of Cups – Grief Counselor; Irrigation Specialist; Canal Worker; Bridge Builder; Vampire

Five of Swords – “Cooler” (Gambling); Card Shark; Multi-Lever Marketer

Six of Wands – Trophy Maker; Accomplished Jockey; Big Game Hunter; Mega Star (Flavor of the Month); Award-Winning Entertainer; Greeting Card Manufacturer; Nobel or Pulitzer Prize Winner

Six of Pentacles – Philanthropist; Loan Officer; Financial Comptroller 

Six of Cups – Ice Cream Truck Driver; Day Care Worker; Babysitter

Six of Swords – Boat Captain; Witness Relocation Agent; Ferryman; Gondola Pilot

Seven of Wands – Pest Exterminator; Body Guard; Bouncer

Seven of Pentacles – Gardener; Evaluator; Insurance Adjuster; Car Inspector

Seven of Cups – Psychedelic Researcher; Pawn Shop Owner; Jewelry Store Owner; Buyer; Dilettante 

Seven of Swords – Spy; Master Thief; Hostage Negotiator; Disarmament Advocate; Intellectual Properties Lawyer

Eight of Wands – Computer Programmer; Mail Carrier; FedEx or UPS Delivery Driver; Airplane Pilot

Eight of Pentacles – Assembly Line Worker; Craftsman; Metal Smith; Engraver; Carpenter; Blue Collar Worker

Eight of Cups – Tour Guide; Pilgrimage Leader; Adventurist; Rock Climber

Eight of Swords – Escape Artist; Eye Surgeon; Seamstress/Tailor

Nine of Wands – Physical Therapist; Triage Nurse

Nine of Pentacles – Animal/Wildlife Rehabilitator; Falconer; Aviary Attendant 

Nine of Cups – Beer Distributor; Bartender; Barista; Disney World Cast Member

Nine of Swords – Quilt Maker; Mattress Manufacturer; Bedding Seller; Coffee Taster (Insomnia!

Ten of Wands – Basket Weaver; Heavy Laborer; Logger; Forester; Furniture Delivery Person; Wood Cutter; Cabin Builder

Ten of Pentacles – Genealogist; Kennel Owner; Dog Walker; Caterer; Antiques Dealer

Ten of Cups – Realtor; Adoption Agent; Cruise Director; Square Dancer; Peace Maker

Ten of Swords – Acupuncturist; Chiropractor; Addiction Specialist; Detox Therapist

Page of Wands – Illustrator; CGI Animator; Comic Book Author; Children’s Book Author; Team Mascot

Page of Pentacles – Toy Maker; Potter; Found Objects Artist; Publishers Clearinghouse Courier; Student; Apprentice

Page of Cups – Animal Communicator; Angler; Deliverer of Flowers, Balloons or Singing Telegrams; Fish Hatchery Owner

Page of Swords – Scribe; Law Clerk; Summons Server; Jack-of-All Trades (Master of None)

Knight of Wands – Fire Fighter; Arsonist; Extreme Sports Athlete; Coach; Evangelist

Knight of Pentacles – Farmer; Coal Miner; Department of Agriculture Employee; Gemologist; Jewelry Artisan; Handyman; Garbage Collector

Knight of Cups – Poet; Romance Novelist; Disc Jockey; Theater Director; Composer

Knight of Swords – Transplant Surgeon; Helicopter Pilot; Paramedic; Ambulance Driver; Pundit; ER Doctor; Roller Coaster Designer

Queen of Wands – Entrepreneur; Publicist; Workshop Presenter; Self Help Author; Image Consultant; Lobbyist

Queen of Pentacles – Veterinarian; Spa Owner; Massage Therapist; High-End Mercantile; House Cleaner/Maid; Cook

Queen of Cups – Professional Musician; Medium; Nurse; Healer; Gossip Columnist

Queen of Swords – Archivist; Researcher; Information Specialist; Critic/Reviewer; News Reporter; Criminal Profiler

King of Wands – Inventor; Welder; Movie Director; Patron of the Arts; Charismatic Guru

King of Pentacles – General Contractor; Mogul; Music Producer; Marketing Director; Banker; Professional Sports Team Owner

King of Cups – Guidance Counselor; Museum Curator; Facilitator; Tactical Advisor

King of Swords – Psychiatrist; Publisher; Library of Congress Staff; CDC Administrator

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