April 2009 Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

This month's TarotScopes features the new White Light Tarot created and published by Jessica Fisher Willson.  The deck infuses reiki energy (through keywords and chakra colors) into an archetypical 78-card Tarot deck with amazing results.


Hanged Man (Ace of Pentacles) 

Take a breath—in fact, take a few. This month, your plans and projects remain at a standstill. The goal is to develop more patience and consistency; however, the challenge is to accept the fact that difficulties are part of the process. Because there is no way to force the situation, your energy would be better spent reviewing the details and adding final touches. A small investment made around the 22nd is a great opportunity, although you may not see the rewards for at least a year. Slow and steady is the axiom for the month.


Star (3 of Swords) 

Unexpected news is likely to dampen your spirits this month, and although the tendency may be to adopt a cynical attitude, there is much to discover in the midst of disappointment. Step away from the questions of why, as they only serve to push you further from the solution. Within all tragedies lie achievements, yet in order to discover them you must be willing to confront your insecurities and doubts. After the 18th, your emotions will lighten up; find ways to connect your heart to something greater than the chatter in your mind. Those embroiled in a relationship triangle, prepare for fireworks!


Magician (7 of Pentacles) 

On the brink of a new discovery, you can expect to find opportunities and dangers, but what you do with them determines the course of your path. It is crucial this month that you are honest about how you have been spending your time; some may find they have been spinning their wheels and getting nowhere, while others will discover they are moving too fast to keep up. There is great potential in a new venture near the end of the month, but if you procrastinate or leave other projects a mess, you will only end up overwhelmed. 


Temperance (Queen of Swords) 

You may be full of insight, but that is only one element; in order to put the changes you profess into action, you must engage in the real world. As a bystander, you are only an observer, safely hidden behind your opinions and in control. Let down your guard this month and you will be pleasantly surprised by the response from others. Those of you struggling with addictions, now is the time to ask for help. Circumstances at the beginning of the month may exacerbate your feelings of frustration; relax—everything will blow over by the 28th.


World (9 of Cups) 

In a fantasy world, you always risk the chance of avoiding new perspectives, not because your imagination is inactive, but because it becomes an illusionist. An emotional situation in your life is asking that you take responsibility for your feelings. Do not deny when you are afraid, excited, hopeful, nervous or anxious. These feelings are signals that it’s time to move beyond your expectations. The freedom you seek is within the entirety of this situation; stop focusing on what you don’t have and use what you do. The weekend of the 3rd is like a dream come true—enjoy! 


Tower (7 of Swords) 

Perfection is an erroneous concept and a dangerous aspiration especially when it’s projected onto something or someone. Around the 5th, you will come face to face with some of your own convictions; however, in this case they will be used against you. Be careful not to rest too long on any moral platitudes, for when your mistakes are exposed, you will have nothing to depend on except humility. In the long run, this blow to your ego will open you to a greater acceptance of your own limitations. To soften the fall, you might try acknowledging your own weaknesses instead of everyone else’s.


Hermit (6 of Swords) 

The experience of aloneness is part of the human condition and a way to find your own answers to the pressing questions of life. If easy solutions are what you desire, you will be sadly disappointed this month; you must discover ways to tolerate the ambiguity of the unknown. Be cautious about looking to others for advice, because there is great wisdom in your own contemplation. If possible, separate yourself from the source of your discontent by letting go of expectations. The full moon on the 9th will bring up powerful insights—put them into action purposefully.


Sun (10 of Pentacles) 

Around the 10th, a family affair deserves celebration, or a personal achievement has attained recognition. Either way, create time to honor the important things in your life. This is an excellent time to reward yourself for what you’ve been working on.  This month brings clarity to how you have defined yourself in the world, and it also offers a redistribution of energy to areas that have been out of balance. At the peak of this experience is joy, and, as with the cycles of life, you must not become too attached or you may stifle the vision of the future. 


Moon (King of Cups) 

Any attempts to avoid anxiety in favor of emotional security will result in creating illusions. Around the week of the 13th, the unavoidable uncertainty will challenge you to find healthy ways of coping; do not deceive yourself by thinking you can preserve some element of constancy. Your choices offer freedom from suffering; however, if you avoid making a move, you limit your options for movement. Be careful not to become an emotional hostage, and, equally, do not manipulate someone else. The temptation to romanticize your vices is sticky and harmful. Find alternatives to fulfill your spiritual longings.


Chariot (Queen of Wands) 

Throughout the course of your life, you will be tested by trials that seem like obstacles; however, if you can look at these events like riddles, you will discover answers to problematic questions you never thought to ask. Although you have little choice about what happens out there, the manner in which you live and what you become are the results of how your respond. You have the freedom to direct your life however you’d like, but with this also comes the responsibility of accepting the consequences. Around the 15th, you may feel more restricted than usual; rather than acting out impulsively, engage your passion.


Justice (10 of Swords) 

Sweeping statements and rigid assumptions may lead to a major conflict. Do not be so quick to pass judgment on the people around you—it will backfire. As you examine what is fair, you may realize that you’ve been operating from an old, irrelevant pattern. If you keep complaining about the same issue, you may want to ask yourself what you’ve been getting out of the situation. Be honest with how your problems have served you, because in some way, they have. When you realize this, you will discover a new way of dealing with them.


Hierophant (8 of Pentacles) 

This month is a journey of self-discovery. As you assess your values and how they pertain to your life now, it may be time to create a value system based on your current way of living rather than on what you have been conditioned to accept. Look at how you may have adopted values that belong to others, such as your family, society, or friends. Ask yourself how you have lived outside of yourself and find ways to connect to your own set of standards. This is not a process of self-recrimination, but a period of flexibility and growth.

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