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April is quite a month!  Easter falls in April this year. Today, it was 75 deg F where I live in the southeast area of Washington state, while friends are still being threatened by snow to the west in the Seattle area.  Here in the U.S. it is also tax time.  Tax time is always interesting for me... when I get around to gathering all my information, I have an opportunity to assess the progress of my reading business from year to year.  I was very pleased to discover that my tarot business grew by over 600% from 2007 to 2008!  And 2009 is looking really good already, so I feel I have a lot to celebrate!

Speaking of celebrating, we need to announce the winner of our March 2009 contest!

Congratulations, Amanda Hall of Pineville, Missouri!

The correct answer was the 5 of Cups from the Mythic Tarot!

On a more somber note, it was with great sadness that we heard of the passing of Barbara Vogel, a phenomenal illustrator who illustrated The Wise Woman's Tarot created by Flash Silvermoon.  We are pleased and honored to have Flash share a tribute to her with us.  

I'm pleased to announce that we are featuring some new writers this month!  Nisaba Merrieweather shares Tarot Poetry with us and Janet Boyer has graciously contributed an article, too!  Of course, all our regulars are here as well!  Gary Meister brings his Secrets of Tarot Numerology class to a close... have you all been keeping up and journaling along with the lessons?  There is so much going on in this issue... well, just dive right in and enjoy! 

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