Latest Update: February 15, 2003

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Tarot Reflections is a bi-monthly, web-based publication of the ATA containing insightful essays, informative reviews, guided meditations, tarot-related humor ... and more! Archives of back issues are maintained online.

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This Issue's Featured Article:
Stars and Cards - Fighting the Law of Gravity: An Essay on Saturn for Tarotists

Liz Hazel leads a discussion (and provides a practical new spread) based on the "Lord of Karma."

Deck Review: Children Tarot
Sheila Hall reviews a deck composed of fairy tale images -- perfect for children!.

Book Review: Illustrated Guide to Tarot
Christopher delaMaison takes a look at a lavishly illustrated book by the woman said to "live the Tarot".




Meditation: Four of Swords
Michelle Swan explores the energy of the Four of Swords in this guided meditation you can record and use in your own private sessions.

Free Reading / Free Tarot Network News and Notes
Tracy Hite offers advice for those who must read for clients who appear as little more than an email address on screen

... and also offers an update on the network activity on the ATA's two popular Tarot reading networks. More...

The Mysterious Musings of Madame Athame

Wacky tips from the loveable New Age advice columnist who knows nothing, but tells all! More...

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