December Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

Kind of strange sitting here with my door wide open and 72 degree weather outside thinking about December but that's life in Florida for you.  My Appaloosa mare was totally confused in November with three 90 degree days in a row and then needing her horse blanket when the thermometer plummeted into the 30's the next day. She thinks we humans  must be doing something crazy and she is probably right. She is by far the best weather person that I know.

As far as the cosmic weather, December's New Moon lights the way on the 5th and Uranus will begin to move forward again on Dec. 6 which should put a lot more electricity in the air for the holiday season and can make modes of transportation like airlines even more unpredictable especially when the Uranian spirit of rebellion turns up the volume of dissent. 

With the personal invasions of pat downs and x-rays scanning every part of us and as our civil rights erode daily, we will likely have more lefties than tea baggers in the streets demanding real CHANGE, not just thinly disguised somewhat racist complaints or politicians that think that cowtowing to the middle of the roaders will get us anywhere. Yup, my Uranian soul which is always a bit ahead of trends is feeling the surge already!

When mostly only the rich seem to make their vote connect with their own enlightened self interest, there is much for many to rebel against for all the right reasons. We might see more sudden water problems, floods etc. and in general, expect the unexpected for the next couple of months.

If you have been feeling like you are hovering on the edge of some radical changes in your life, this might be just the time to take your leap of faith and kiss the dysfunctional past goodbye.

Good old Mercury Retrograde will be moving us backwards on Dec.10 until the 30th which should complicate the holiday travel plans even further. The retrograde does not have to mess things up but it sure seems to turn our attempt at order on its ear. More than ever if you travel, try more carry on and take some good flower essences or carry a soothing stone like lithium quartz or angelite to quiet your nerves as folks work out the shifting schedules of their flights and annoyed passengers who have been frisked within an inch of their lives seethe in their seats.

The usual suggestions like don't sign anything binding, make major decisions, relocate, or make large purchases is still good advice til after the 30th. 

Good things to do during this cycle are clutter clear and finish up projects that have been awaiting your attention and by all means indulge yourself in the gift of love from your friends and family and relax.

I have been trying to pick a date for my yearly Holy-Daze Open House and Stone Sale and decided to have it on the weekend of Dec. 4th and 5th to get ahead of Mercury Retrograde confusion rather than  wait til later in the month. It's always great fun and I do a free stone healing seminar and treatment each day at 3PM so come on out to Moonhaven in Melrose. [See more below including directions.] I may even do it a second weekend too and see the difference.

Dec. 21st will be quite the day and night. We start off at 3:13 AM EST with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the last degree of Gemini which will have some very interesting aspects to Jupiter and Uranus. This will be followed by Winter Solstice arriving at  6:39 PM EST.

As I was pondering these occurrences and waiting to be filled with inspirational words to share with you, I became filled with anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. I realized that very often when I write this column, I feel the aspects that are coming and have a mini experience, an actual precognition of how the energies will feel when they  arrive. 

I would have to say that this Eclipse will bring forth some very challenging and possibly disturbing feelings. Eclipses can also greatly effect the global politic with many wild cards showing up all around the world. It may boggle the mind just how many crises can pop up at one time! Shadowy energies are likely to manifest and will show you just where your growth edge lives. Best thing is to stay calm and flexible and not get too attached to immediate outcomes.Those who are more sensitive will feel  these very electric energies and the cosmic download more acutely.

The Solstice will actually be more of the calm after the storm with the panicky vibes more in perspective and that is the key word, perspective, and that will be your saving grace while energies are more chaotic. Find good ways to ground yourself like cooking, gardening, meditating or creating music and you will find channeling this shift much more satisfying.

As far as  our love lives, I am sure we all are having a better time than for most of Oct. and Nov. when Venus was retrograde. This month it's full speed ahead with romance, especially if you enjoy intensity and depth, with Venus in sensuous Scorpio. Simplicity might work for some sometimes but this month would probably not be one of them. Try doing at least one thing by yourself or with your partner that you have never done before and see what happens, you might just decide to keep that in the act!

Some frustrating  energies on Dec. 29 as Mars and Saturn create a log jam that gums up the works for a little while. Don't fight and struggle, it won't last  but a day or two so just change the channel to something that will work. 

With Mercury going forward on the 30th, we will feel more propelled into the New Year to start anew. Jupiter and Uranus will be conjoined as will the Moon and Venus in sexy Scorpio so this should be a rather wild evening of revelry. Enjoy and make it the best year yet, it's in your hands. 

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