November 2010 Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

For as long as I have been noticing Astrological trends, and that's a really long time, I have experienced November as my new year, even before I knew that Witches and Pagans world wide called Halloween or Samhain, their New Year!

It's as if all the shifting and blowing as the seasons do their change from Summer to Fall creates this massive electric buzz that sizzles through October leaving us feeling much more settled and grounded.

People have been asking me what the hell has been going on this October? Happy November friends and be grateful that your wires are now located where you want them to be instead of being frayed and sending shock waves and static every which way.

Scorpio energy is really swirling us around in her deep dark waters which are ultra fertile and full of hidden promise.Things may rarely be what they seem to be but if you say in touch with your own feelings and intuition you will find the fastest current out to the clear flowing rivers and streams and likely clutching magical gifts and surprises in each hand!

The New Moon on Nov. 6 offers us a great big Scorpio pile up with Venus, the Sun, Moon and Mercury all in this fixed water sign.This may well be an emotional time but might not allow for the free flowing feelings and ease of the other water signs. We might even feel more contained. Yes it is time for something new, but maybe  it will need to percolate  for awhile before fully manifesting.

Within hours of the new Moon, Neptune and Chiron turn direct in Aquarius which should usher in a new flood of ideas and happenings. The BP oil disaster began and ended when Chiron entered and left  the water sign Pisces which is not to say that it really ended, Goddess knows that the devastation continues due at the very least to the disbursants and oil still floating beneath the surface of the Gulf.The reason that I was able to predict the closing of the "hole" was that it coincided with that time. I figured if the opening  began with Chiron in Pisces, that it might well close with that transit as well.

With the forward moving conjunction of those two luminaries in Aquarius we are apt to hear of more new scientific discoveries as well as  more quantum leaping in our own consciousness. It is time to be all that you can be in expressing your higher mind and fondest ideals. This is no time for "can't" or " I am not good enough",this would be a good time to bury those limiting thoughts once and for all as they certainly will create that reality.

If you have been feeling like your relationships or love life have been going in slow mo, spinning out of control or just not being that much fun, for the last month or so you are absolutely right. Venus will come out of its retrograde motion on Nov 19 and we should all feel a lot better and more fulfilled as our efforts seem to finally bear fruit. See, I told ya November will feel so much better!

I think that what had developed during the summer of flames had to seek its balance with Saturn in Libra which demands nothing less. Venus retro allowed us to integrate the new changes while Venus back pedalled through most of Oct and some of November.

By the Full Moon in Taurus on Nov 21, we are invited to see if we can use all of our empowered mental processes to manifest what we need and want in the material plane. Taurus likes stuff, good stuff, valuable stuff so if you are needing a raise, better transportation, a vacation, etc., get out your candles folks and burn baby burn focusing on your highest potential and best outcomes in these areas. Sprinkle a little cinnamon for speed and some rose for love or myrrh for prosperity to sweeten the deal and you can start to really reap some generous benefits from Habondia or Fortuna, both Goddesses of Abundance.

I guess it was high time to share some real old school secrets  {Scorpio loves secrets, sex and money, not necessarily in that order] during these days when so many are experiencing economic scarcity and challenges.I must admit that the ritual that I do and will do for this Taurus Full Moon, Sunday Nov. 21 at High Noon sincerely kicks butt for manifesting  much needed resources for one and all when applied. [See note below about that event and the forthcoming BLOG Post of that ritual ]

We haven't heard too much from Sagittarius in awhile but by the 23rd, the Sun, Mars and Mercury are flaming through that mutable fire sign pumping plenty of well needed energy into the mix to keep all our new projects moving and inspiring us. Word of caution, Sagies, caustic words may feel like they need to come out now as you "tell it like it is", but really a little diplomacy will get you a better outcome!

I think that at the end of the day and month, we will be feeling more resolution and clarity as well as a sense that someone finally turned off the Cosmic Cuisinart and allowed the flavors to blend and integrate. Yes!

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