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Well, we've nearly got another year under our belts!  I cannot believe how fast time seems to fly past each year!  While I don't want to "get off the ride" just yet, I would be very happy if things were to slow down a bit!

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S.A., this is the time of the year that I pause and reflect on the previous year, and give thanks for what I have received and for the opportunities that I have been given.  I also think about what I would like to manifest over the upcoming year, and recommit to thinking about what I am grateful for each day... no matter how crappy the day is.  Sometimes it is just the thing to get things back on track!

Speaking of thanks, we'd like to thank all of our readers!  We appreciate you all!  Thanks for reading our issues and playing in the contests!  We enjoy putting the issues together and sending out prizes!  Speaking of which....

Congratulations, Diane from Loxahatchee, Florida U.S.A.!!!

Diane correctly guessed that the image in the Halloween Contest was from the All Hallows Tarot by Robin Tisch-Hollister.  Be sure to enter this month's contest, the odds of winning are always great!

We have another great issue for you this month, I hope no one minds that I am re-using last year's banner... it's my favorite!  The image of The Fool is from the Tarot of the New Vision by Lo Scarabeo.  I'd also like to mention that we are absolutely thrilled to announce that Gary Meister, CTM, is back to continue his Tarot and the Kabbalah lessons!  He was missed!

Enjoy the issue and maybe look for a little something more from us in a couple weeks!

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