By Leean Lester

Things around us seem to be always changing and in motion. Nothing is ever really constant. The leaves on the trees change colors, from green to red and orange and gold. The days and nights are getting colder, and birds are flying south for the winter. Frost is on the ground and on the cars. The seasons come and go like the wind and time, always on the move.

It seems that the seasons these days are different compared to past years. There was a time when you saw certain things like holiday decorations and you knew what time of the year it was and you didn’t need to look at a calendar. You could see stuff being put out around the end of August and you knew school was just a few weeks away. Now days, it seems like the school stuff comes out around the end of July. The holidays come and go so fast it seems like stuff is put out way ahead of time and then put away before the holiday is even over. 

Just back in the beginning of September, I was at a store and they were already putting out Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas things. Boy, talk about a shocker! It would seem that now days, it’s not about the seasons, but more about that almighty dollar. Earlier and earlier the holiday items seem to come out. There was a time when things didn’t revolve around that almighty dollar. It was more about the meaning of the season.

Funny how over time things have changed and we find ourselves so easily caught up in the flow of the consumer stuff. It’s easy for society to change and people to not notice due to the hustle and bustle day to day life we have. It would almost seem as if people were like fish, just going along with the flow. 

Here is some food for thought: Time is but a fleeting moment, like the blink of an eye. Before you realize something, it has become part of the past and the future is already here. So remember to always treasure and keep dear the things that mean the most to you, because before you know it, it’s gone and has become nothing more than a mere memory or just random thoughts like ghosts from the past.

Next month, I will be writing a special article in honor of my dad’s memory. Enjoy the holiday season.  Make sure to have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. 

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