November Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

This month's TarotScopes features the Golden Tarot by Kat Black and published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  It is available on the U.S. Games Systems, Inc. website as well as through many fine Tarot retailers worldwide.  The images used are by permission. - Ed.


Magician (4 of Swords) 

Quiet your mind and you will find a side of yourself you never imagined. This is a particularly powerful time for activating your goals and seeing through obstacles. “No better time than the present” is a perfect affirmation for making things happen, and you have everything you need lined up just so. Whatever has been on hold will now begin to flow, but it’s up to you to direct this energy in a decisive manner. Feel confident in your words and actions because others may look to you to lead.


Wheel of Fortune (5 of Pentacles) 

New opportunities for growth can emerge from the challenges of the past, but you must show up to claim your golden ticket. Poverty consciousness is not only about what you have or don’t have, it’s a mindset that precludes you from the abundance of the universe and the intelligence of the master plan. If you look within yourself to find wealth, you may discover that what you thought was missing was simply misplaced. How do you expect to collect more, when you neglect what you already have? A circuitous question perhaps, but no thing will satisfy you if you cannot satisfy yourself.


Star (7 of Cups) 

Dream the impossible dream… Your imagination is quite fertile this month, so feel free to plant seeds of fantasy. Visions may unexpectedly bombard both your waking and dreaming mind. Within each are buried treasures; however, to reap their value you must separate from your rational thinking. Find ways to connect with your deeper feelings: listen to music, meditate, walk in nature, and spend quality time with those you care about. Most importantly, have faith in your visions and trust that the language of your images is as essential as that of your logical mind. Strange coincidences can yield favorable results – if you let them.


Temperance (Knight of Wands) 

A life in balance is a life full of opportunity. Mixing and merging allows the spectrum of possibilities to emerge. Who says too much of a good thing is unhealthy? Perhaps it’s better stated: too much of anything in one direction is unhealthy, yet when divided, that thing can be powerful. An experience you are passionately involved in may be in need of some revision; not to suggest that there is anything wrong with it, but rather that it’s beginning to fizzle out. Find an inventive way to improve upon what you have by adding something different or even contrary. The dynamics created will produce a needed sense of balance.


Hermit (Queen of Wands) 

Moments alone will bring you back in touch with the nature of who you are and what you really want, though you may need to step down from your throne to find that humble place. Your recent goals may be put on hold as you find yourself burnt out from too much effort. Pause for a second and feel proud of your past accomplishments; it is more important to honor yourself than aspire for worldly recognition. Be patient with others and keep your opinions to a minimum or you may end up in a problematic situation.


Moon (8 of Cups) 

The past always has an odd way of showing up in the present, particularly when feelings are intense. This month, an emotional situation may trigger some of your forgotten tendencies – that is to say, behaviors you thought you had left behind. You cannot avoid facing the reality of this situation no matter how hard you deny it. Something or someone will likely bring out the worst in you. Though your judgment may be thwarted, ultimately you make the decisions and in the end there is no one else to blame but you. Illusions may serve in the moment, but will only lead to harder times.


Chariot (9 of Pentacles) 

The deeds of man are directed by the steeds of opposition. In other words, your actions are often channeled through competing forces within you. Though you may think you are calling the shots, it’s more likely that you’re merely reacting to impulses. Think before you act! You have a superior sense of what you want, especially when it involves challenge. A situation you’ve been struggling with will present an opportunity for success; however, it requires that you take initiative in a controlled and aristocratic way. If you react, you may be run over by your own horse and carriage.


Lovers (8 of Pentacles) 

Choices are reflections of values, so be sure to value what you do. A new aspect in your life will require a great deal of your attention and creative focus of your energy. In a relationship, you may find that it is your turn to shoulder the burden of responsibility, but before taking on too much, be sure you’re ready. In work, a recent decision may lead you down a less-familiar path, yet it will also solidify some of your long-term goals. Commitment is the word of the month. If your heart isn’t in it, you’re commitment is empty. 


Emperor (Ace of Swords) 

Power is in the eyes of the beholder; a clear mind is like a sword cutting through the illusions of space and time. You are human and therefore intended to make mistakes; however, you are the master of your own sovereignty and capable of transcending any barrier. You may be faced with what seems like a Herculean task. Just keep in mind that this is your empire and there is no such thing as defeat. After you shave away the fear, you will uncover a unique strategy that will win the battle. Think outside the box!


Judgment (5 of Wands) 

Free yourself from the friction that is caused by imaginary strife. How? Nothing is bad, but thinking leads us to believe it is. Look deeply at what is troubling you most and you’ll discover that you have room for more movement than you think. The energy you’re wasting on this disruption is precisely what’s needed to solve your dilemma. Even though you’re feeling frustrated, recognize how focusing on what you don’t have instead of focusing on what you want, is perpetuating the problem. Where your attention goes, so it grows; where your attention is not, so it rots.


Empress (Page of Swords) 

Those little nagging voices of self-contempt may be in need of a sweet lullaby. As you venture into a new phase of life, you may be accompanied by an annoying sense of doubt, questioning your capabilities and challenging your dedication. Instead of denying this voice, find a way to soothe its rough edges. Engage in a compassionate conversation asking it (a.k.a. yourself) what there is to fear. Also, be wary of others who place uncertainty in your path for their offering will only yield weeds in your Garden of Eden. At work, ask for what you are worth, and in relationship, refrain from bickering. Use your words wisely!


Hierophant (7 of Swords) 

Beliefs form the basis that personal philosophies are built upon, and as such, meaning is often woven into the justifications we give. In the search to discover meaning, it can be unfortunate to fit new experiences into an outdated context. You’re being challenged to reinvent yourself, beginning with the ideas you are defined by. Look beyond the labels and qualifications to find the real you. You are not simply a measure of qualities, you are an infinite source of wisdom. Though it may be challenging, you must identify and release from your limiting beliefs. Advice will come in the most unexpected way!

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