What We're Thankful For

In this season of thanksgiving, we thought we’d share those things that we hold dear, the elements of our lives for which we feel truly grateful. Tarot Reflections is above all thankful for you, our readers. You are the most important part of this magazine, and the work we do each month we do for you. So thank you all very much for your interest and support! We are also thankful for the Tarot community at large, for the network of friends, experts, hobbyists, learners, seekers, and enthusiasts that enrich our lives through camaraderie, shared experience, and common purpose.

We’d like to open our hearts now and share our very personal thoughts on the many other things we are thankful for:

Gary Meister, CTM, author of our Secrets of Tarot Numerology lessons: “I'm thankful that The Source led me many years ago into several situations that absolutely forced me to open my mind and become very curious. I'm thankful for my Spirit Guides who have been there to "take the wheel" for me when I was faltering. I'm grateful for being led to the Tarot and learning much of its deeper spiritual meanings. And most of all, I'm thankful for finding ATA and being asked to write one series on "Tarot Spirituality" and, now, a series of lessons on "The Secrets Of Tarot Numerology." And I'm very grateful that my editor is behind me on my projects. I hope I'll always work with her; she inspires me!”

Adrienne Abeyta, author of our popular Tarotscopes: "I am thankful for choice and mistakes; choice offers me freedom from my own conditioning, it also allows me a closer look at my deeper motivations. I am equally thankful for mistakes - the portals of self discovery; mistakes provide the evidence that I am stretching beyond my own perceived limitations. Last but not least, I am thankful for all the people who believe in me when I find it hard to believe in myself."

Terri C., author of our monthly Frolicking Fae column: “I am thankful for my family and friends. I am also thankful that everyone is healthy. In this time of financial crisis for a majority of our country, I am thankful for my home. I am thankful.”

Jeanne Fiorini, author of our new column, A Piece of my Mind: “I'm thankful that at the moment, my life is uncomplicated. I love my home, for which I am grateful every day. I'm very happy that my 27-year-old daughter enjoys spending time with me. I'm thankful to have found work that is personally satisfying and useful to others. And - not to be corny- I'm thankful for the opportunity to write for the ATA and share my thoughts with people who know what I'm talking about!”

Peggy Firth, author of our regular Reading Responsibly feature: “My gratitude is in knowing that as I become more enlightened, I am able to use my creative powers more easily to imagine and allow the universe to make it happen in the perfect right time and place. Feeling thankful for all of it is important.”

Walks With Thunder, a regular contributor and our resident non-traditional shaman: “I am thankful for the magical people I have in my life. For the one woman that lights my dreams and my days with a love like no other. For my family that loves me no matter what, through the good times and the bad times.”

Leean Lester, author of our recent addition, Soothsayer’s Corner: “The things that I am thankful for are my beloved partner Bryan, my family, my good health, the friends in my life, the beauty of the surrounding nature, and being alive.” 

Michelle Swan, a long-time contributor and our resident expert on Tarot meditations: “I am thankful for family and friends. I am thankful for still believing in my dreams, and for being willing to set sail on the winds of my creativity.”

Melanie Harris, assistant editor: “I’m thankful for everyone who loves me and for those I love. I’m thankful for the writers and readers of Tarot Reflections, and I’m thankful to have such a passionate editor in Sheri Harshberger. I’m thankful to have built up a continuous flow of writing work, and I’m thankful for anyone who remotely cares what I have to say! I’m thankful for Barack Obama’s victory. And, what the heck, no time like the present – I’m thankful that I am expecting a new baby!”

Sheri Harshberger, chief editor of Tarot Reflections, Vice President of Outreach for the ATA, and our resident motivator and leader of our modest rebel command: “I'm thankful for my VERY understanding husband and family that put up with my travels to reading fairs and the hours I sequester myself in my office, immersed completely in a world related to Tarot and oracles.  I'm thankful for the opportunities that I have been given once I decided to travel the path that I am currently on, in particular, I'm thankful to the ATA, who took a chance and have been very very good to me.  I'm IMMENSELY thankful for my assistant editor, Melanie Harris, and all our contributors, current and past, for making Tarot Reflections the success that it is!  I am profoundly thankful to our many readers who make putting together Tarot Reflections each month a worthwhile endeavor!  Congratulations, Melanie!!!"

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