Thoughts On Being a Non-traditional Shaman

By Walks With Thunder

Though there is no word for what I do, a few come close: “Shaman” is close, but not quite right. Adding “non-traditional” helps since the spiritual work I do is similar in many ways. “Medicine Man” - There’s another option. Some would say that fits with my Native American heritage, but I would argue Medicine Man is a misnomer, as a well-meaning settler coined the phrase when he misinterpreted the word “power” (or energy) as “medicine” when he saw the native healer working on members of his nation. 

People need to understand that I, like you (with a little focus and training), am a conduit for gathering and bestowing free energy. While sometimes it looks like I did the healing, it only looks that way. Having an immediate gratification problem is sometimes a good thing when it comes to being that conduit. As an energy healer, I expect and get immediate results. I say: If you go to an energy healer and you still have the pain five minutes later, you wasted your money. The free energy I easily gather gets results in five to fifteen seconds; one treatment can last years.   

Now don’t discount this healing just because it’s quick. When I give a blessing, some say they can feel the power of it surge through them. Rose Quartz has been known to turn clear or white after my blessing or touch. Again, it's not me doing that; it is the free energy power I work with every day. And, are you ready for this? You can see this free energy dancing around - if you just look. Here’s how: Look just above a building or trees, soft focus your eyes (i.e., stare at nothing) for about thirty seconds or more. When you start to see tiny golden lights moving in a seemingly random yet graceful pattern, then you are seeing the free energy that I use in my work. 

I teach a four-part series on learning how to work with free energy. Teaching this series and other classes are a joy to me. In my classes, I focus on empowering people to do what I do - things like showing them how to do the tobacco offering the ancient way. They are often amazed to see the tobacco fade out of existence from their own hand, and they tell me how powerful this is (I guess they still expect that miracle from my hands but not theirs...). The message that the Spirits are really there and taking their offering is a big validation! From that point on, people don't have to rely on just faith anymore - they know

While magical, the path I follow is easy - no suffering, no waiting to become worthy, and no show. For me, it’s important to do this work with little or no ceremony, and it’s equally critical for me to clarify here that we don’t have to believe in the same interpretation of God for shared results! I speak with people about getting past which God is “right” and getting to the substance of Our Creator’s message: God’s unconditional love for us and expectation that we do the same for each other.  

As it is with everyone, I am a work in progress. Having a strong connection with Angels, Fairies, and Spirits (which I didn’t have when I began this work) has changed me. While not traditionally a part of this work, it is part of mine. In some places, they put you in a rubber room for saying that you know these beings to be real in our world!

More traditionally, the Thunder Nation is a powerful foundation for my work. They have guided and protected me since I was born. A Thunder Spirit works with electricity - good thing as we humans are bioelectrical in nature. What better Spirit to heal and protect our physical bodies, energy fields, and spiritual energy? When I attach a Healing Thunder Spirit to a person, they often say they can feel a tingle in their feet or hands, or even feel that tingle travel to the area on which we are working.  

Spirits of all kinds can be amazing blessings when we acknowledge their presences and constant gifts of support. For example, while the Angels are continually present in our lives - not a fact I acknowledged at first - once I did recognize them, we created a working presence in my daily life.  

One thing I’ve learned: Spirit molds a person to be the tool that it needs them to be. Even a stubborn one like myself gets molded. On the upside - I lost 39 pounds this year, and I am not a Type II diabetic anymore. I love that! Now, if it can just mold me into a movie star, I am all set for LA...  On the other hand - I reluctantly began an apprentice program. After saying "No, thank you" to the first four people who inquired about studying with me, somehow I asked the 5th student to be my apprentice before I realized what I’d done. How does THAT happen? You would think it was my idea, but just for the record, it wasn't. Somehow this molding shapes our lives without us actually consenting.

So in the midst of all this spiritual work, here I am with many websites and a blog, a podcast twice weekly, daily emails from students, vendors, and others… and a Blackberry cell phone that connects me wherever I go. With articles published in many states and a book in progress, I am also beginning to give web classes to expand this circle of community to students everywhere. My goal? To achieve a collective magic. Imagine many empowered people moving in the same direction of change for a better planet! Everything I can do, you can do

May the Grandfather and Grandmother Spirits bless you with discernment, so you know when to stay and when to walk, when to speak and when to listen, when to do (or not) as it’s best for all concerned. May the Spirits and your own inner voice guide you well through all your days.

Walks With Thunder

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