The Devil

from Necronomicon Tarot


The Necronomicon Tarot, 

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by Adrienne Abeyta
The Devil symbolizes our “beastly nature,” the darkness that is beyond all human comprehension; it is the link to the Shadow side of the psyche. The Devil, with his conglomeration of body parts, appears as an aberration of nature embodying raw and untamed energy. The figures chained in front of him, his slaves, are also human deviates. This supernatural god personifies the qualities of evil -- the sins and vices of mankind. The Devil can also be seen as a scapegoat, serving as a screen onto which we project all our disowned characteristics. Concerned more with our own self-importance, we become obsessed with developing a false persona, blaming others for our own wicked ways and denying an integral part of our being its full expression. We become fixated on pointing fingers instead of soul searching. But, we can only recognize in another what exists within us. 

The Devil tempts us into avoidance and procrastination so we put off becoming fully conscious. He leads us into the dark corners of our subconscious and fools us into believing we have power. Even those who claim to be civilized and virtuous are prey to his manipulations. It is said that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and our ego becomes caught up in a misconception of this truth. The Devil’s world is full of paradoxes and contradictions. Caught in his web, we become transfixed on being one way at the expense and loss of the other choice. 

The Devil teaches us to how to shed light on the competing instincts within ourselves. Also known as the fallen angel, Lucifer, or “the bringer of light,” reveals this shadow as companion and reflection of something else. As our hidden selves are brought into the light of consciousness, we become free from the superimposed restraints of right and wrong. We are no longer slaves within the cultural mores and status quos -- we are individuals. Within the dark recesses of the psyche remains a storehouse of latent and underdeveloped energy waiting to be tapped and expressed. Humans must surpass the ego’s need for material pleasures in a way that honors the relevance of the material world while acknowledging spirit, and turning away from the illusions of power that accompany materialism.

In a reading, this card always represents an important message of self-imposed limitations, conflict and spiritual denial. One must become aware of one’s own deeper motivations, fears and evasions. Often when this card comes up, there is a situation in which the person is projecting their loss of power on an external influence or they’re feeling imprisoned by something outside of their control. The Devil card can also indicate that someone’s creative expression is being stifled because they’re more concerned with how they appear than who they are.

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