Halloween Party Pointers: 7 Tips for Making Reading Cards at Parties a Blast


By Melanie Harris
Is a Halloween party looming in your future?  You can be the spice of the party by sharing your Tarot reading skills with the guests.  Reading cards at a party is a bit different than reading in a traditional one-on-one setting, so here are some tips to keep the cards and the fun flowing smoothly.

1. Keep it short.  If each reading takes too long, guests will get tired of waiting and will lose interest.  Choose a simple layout and keep each reading under ten minutes.

2. Keep it confidential.  Maintaining confidentiality can be a challenge in a party atmosphere, so ensure the readings are one-on-one by clearly delineating your workspace.  You can hang a sheet or work in a separate room.  Add an extra touch of mysticism and keep eavesdroppers at bay with a sign hung about ten feet away from where you're doing the readings: "Please wait here for the gypsy."

3. Keep it positive.  Remember that the party guests are there to have a good time, so keep the readings upbeat and avoid heavy topics.  If the reading reveals a serious situation, tell the guest that the matter needs to be explored in greater depth, setting up an appointment for a private reading as soon as possible after the party.

4. Dress the part.  It is Halloween, after all, so dig out all your fortuneteller fineries and dress to impress.  Beads, rings, scarves, bright colors, heavy eye makeup and a flowing skirt complete a gypsy look.  If you'd rather go the witchy route, try black clothing, cool jewelry, a headdress made of woven vines, and a pentacle or a spider drawn on your cheek or forehead with a black eyeliner pencil.

5. Capitalize!  If you're interested in reading cards professionally, or even if you'd just like to make new friends, a party is a perfect opportunity to network.  Have a stack of business cards available to give out to the guests.  If you don't have any business cards, simply write your name and number very neatly on small squares of poster board.

6. Be aware of the effects of alcohol.  If the person you're reading for is very drunk, the cards will not work properly.  Simply fake it by keeping it very general, make only positive statements, and offer to do a more extensive reading at another time.  Advising someone who is excessively drunk is a wasted battle, so save your breath and give them compliments instead, perhaps throwing in just one piece of advice: "It will bring you great luck if you take a cab home tonight."

7. Take a break!  You need a chance to party, too, and as Tarot reading can be quite draining, be sure to take frequent breaks.  Hang up a sign announcing, "The gypsy will be back soon," and take at least fifteen minutes every hour or so to relax and recharge.

Happy readings! 
Answers to Spooky Tarot Trivia from front page
1. The Devil.  
2. Death.
3. Judgement.
4. Actually, they all do.  In the spirit of Halloween, we had to throw at least one trick into the mix!  Pentacles, swords (athames, which are usually smaller knives, are more common), cups, and wands are all the tools of the witch.  It should be noted that swords are never used for harming or other violent acts.  They are employed in magical ritual to direct energy or to symbolically "cut through" negativity. 

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