October Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

Hard to believe that the autumn winds are finally blowing some cool Libran air around. September's New Libra Moon on the 27 refreshes and draws some much needed balance into the picture for all of us. B y the beginning of October we have the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, asteroid Juno and Venus all in Libra.

We may find it harder to take action and be decisive because we will always see both sides of the situation, however, we will all be inclined to be more fair and considerate. With Juno and Venus Conjunct on October 2 we may be hearing more wedding bells and perhaps even more positive rulings on Gay Marriage. 

With expansive Jupiter in Venus ruled Taurus, the Goddess of Love will have ample opportunity to pump in some good vibes for our relationships but here's the catch, we must be willing to transform ourselves and our relationships with all the challenging  energies from the outer planets Uranus and Pluto hammering away subtly and or radically to open our hearts and minds.

As the month begins we see Uranus in two degrees of Aries and Pluto is four degrees of Capricorn making a pretty tight square. This is one of the big energies that has had the world shake, rattle and rolling within and without. Revolution is in the air and the level of political and economic dissatisfaction is reaching a fever pitch at home and abroad.

While the average person struggles to put food on the table and a roof over their families heads, the Repugs play the No game even rejecting their own past policies if they come from a Democratic mouth and the Dems are sounding more and more like the Repugs everyday. Is this Libra run a muck? At this point a Third Party would return us to a bi partisan system!

By the Full Moon in Aries on October 11 some of that anger and frustration could easily spill over into violence in the streets of some big cities. In ancient times, the Aries Full Moon was called the Blood Moon and it was a time of animal sacrifices as well as a time of blessings the animals.

This is a good night to keep your critters indoors and well monitored as they may get more feisty and more likely to get in trouble somehow.

I personally avoid places where large groups congregate or where people tend to get aggressive or out of control (i.e. bars, stadiums, and rough sections of town). The late, great Marion Weinstein used to tell us about this on her radio show, Marion's Cauldron on WBAI in NYC. She was so, so right too; whenever I ignored that caution, I was very sorry. So I'm just passing it on. Since the Full Arian Moon is in the middle of the week it will be easier to avoid such gatherings.

Here at Moonhaven, we usually do a circle for all the Full Moons and we will certainly be sending out prayers for Peace and Healing. Fortunately by this Full Moon, Uranus will be retrograding away from the Pluto Square a bit which will help not inflame the energies further.

Full Moons always offer us the ability to blend and transform the opposite energies represented by the Moon and the Sun, in this case, Aries and Libra, the Self and the Other, Independence and Intimacy. We can try to discover just how it could feel to live beyond a world of dualities which is part of what the grand evolution is about.

By the 13th Saturn and the Sun will conjoin at 20 degrees of Libra which could bring a bit of heaviness to the day but perhaps more order and less chaos. The first part of the month will be all about how to make things fair, not that they will be, and the latter part will likely be shrouded in secrecy as many  planets shift into Scorpio.

Oct. 26 brings the New Moon into the fixed Pluto-ruled sign of Scorpio. It should be a very intense day because not only are the Sun and Moon in Scorpio but Mercury and Venus are as well. Might be a disruptive or very sexy time because Mars will be squaring Venus that day as well.This will be a great time to look more deeply into all of your motivations and desires. Don't be shy and don;t hide from yourself either..

As the month ends, we find ourselves in the Season of the Witch so to speak with Halloween or Samhain coming soon to a neighborhood near you.This is a fave time for me of course and we will have a wonderful circle here at Moonhaven in the arms of the awesome Grandmother Tree. [See Samhain info below] 

During this time of the year it is said that the Veil is Thin. 

This means that the space between the worlds of Spirit and the Material Plane is more fluid than solid and we can commune with our ancestors and those on the other side more freely. This is why the custom of dressing up as ghosts became popular. The carved pumpkins originally were held high on poles to light the way by cloaked worshippers moving through the forests. This practice also had good fright value to keep  the nosy away from the Witches Circles.

Witches and Pagans see this night as New Year's Eve and I used to do that before I even knew of this practice because it always seemed like once I got past Halloween, that things got more  harmonious, and so it will be!

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