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Don't you just love this time of the year? I do! Not only are all the pesky bugs of summer dying off, but also all the stuff I am allergic to! Temps in the mid to lower 60s, low humidity and clear skies... what's not to like?

I also like this time of the year because it's a great time for Tarot readers! There is a greater acceptance of reading, especially this month, than at any other time of the year. Ask the Verse for opportunities to read this month, and when you are presented with them, go for it!

This is also the month for Tricks and Treats, and with that, let's announce the "treat," that is, the winner of the September contest!

Congratulations, Lalia Wilson of Oak Ridge, Tennessee USA!

Lalia corrrectly identified the clip as part of the Chariot card from the Silver Era Tarot deck by Aunia Kahn.

The "trick" of course, is a new contest this month! Enjoy!

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