Adrienne Abeyta combines the symbolic systems of tarot, numerology, and astrology.  She offers a contemporary approach as she connects modern psychology and spirituality in her readings. Her specialty is bridging the practical everyday world with the spiritual growth and evolution of each person. She believes in the capacity of individuals to discover their fullest potential and it is her gift to assist in this process Adrienne is a certified life coach and owner of Five Muses Entertainment,  Adrienne can be reached at


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Melanie Harris comes from a family with a touch of gypsy ancestry and been practicing and studying magic since childhood. She is a psychic with a loving heart who strives to show people how the sacred light and love within them can be liberated and optimized. She has been reading Tarot cards and researching occult subjects for over twenty years, and her experience and inherited gifts have provided her with unique perspectives on the magical world.  Melanie also authors columns for the American Tarot Association Quarterly and for Tarot Reflections where she serves as Assistant Editor. She also writes for the Llewellyn Journal and Circle Magazine. She shares her occult philosophies and techniques through writing, and invites people of all beliefs to gain practical information that will empower them to further increase joy and alleviate suffering through the magical arts. Melanie can be reached at
Stephanie Arwen Lynch serves as the president of the American Tarot Association. Living in Colorado, she also writes romance novels. Her daily life is taken up with poodles and parrots and cats who demand that she step away from the computer frequently. Her professional Tarot site can be found at

Sherryl Smith has been studying Tarot for 30 years, with a special passion for tarot history. Currently she's learning to read with an 18th century Italian deck. Her summer project is a crash course in Italian so she can start reading her stash of Italian LWBs and exhibit catalogs.

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