by Adrienne Abeyta




The October TarotScopes features the cards of the Vanessa Tarot. The Vanessa Tarot is published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. and is available on their website, www.usgamesinc.com.

Aries: Devil (7 of Cups) Illusory goals will get you nowhere fast – time will pass and before you know it, you’ll end up where you began. Sound confusing? Abstract as it may be, you’re caught in the wrinkles of time, and you must face your darker side. Begin by examining your deceptions, delusions, and addictions, for therein lays the treasure of your lighter side. Unmask the phantoms and you will find the magic! The 24th brings you an opportunity to reflect on your past year; beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing as you look for validation. Affairs of the heart are also susceptible to flattery, so be sure to look beyond fleeting pleasures.

Taurus: Strength (Queen of Wands) True strength cannot be measured by force but rather by grace and humility. Your feelings are powerful allies that can be channeled into directions that ultimately change your life. This month will offer an experience that challenges your faith, and though you may question the path you are on and the over-arching theme of your life, it would be wise to trust the divine plan. Replace feelings of fear with self-love and devotion, and review past dilemmas for the resulting triumphs or lessons. You have the remarkable ability to see beauty through the gloom; gracefully perform your magic. The Full Moon on the 25th promises to be a day of enchantment!

Gemini: Moon (6 of Pentacles) The gift you received last month may include strings you were not aware were attached; or, that great opportunity could become more like a thorn in your side. Careful consideration is required as you readjust your routine. Be prudent not to take on more than you can handle as you’re probably already saturated with responsibility. If you’re feeling drained by your commitments and your energy is waning, spiritual pursuits can revitalize to you. If possible, take a journey – even if it’s an imagined one you take through some form of meditation or fantasy. The last weekend of the month may bring an emotional storm you were not expecting, so be gentle and listen closely.

Cancer: Temperance (Ace of Swords) Pushing against the flow of events will cause you more havoc than resolution so it’s better to bridge the gap with a creative attitude. Clever as you may be, a commotion is likely to emerge that’s specifically related to an issue you recently swept under the carpet. Don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to solve this if you can hold on long enough to determine your resources. You are likely to feel conflicted about whether to follow your heart or your head, but it’s always best to strike a happy balance. Blending is better than separating. The 30th is like a great day to indulge in something unusually creative – have fun!

Leo: Lovers (5 of Wands) What you see in others is always a reflection of something within yourself, but this is always challenging to admit. Relationships are a funny dance, which will often change rhythm just as you find the groove. You may be dealing with some complications this month, and irritating as it may be, there is a point to the madness. Rather than blame or condemn another, look within to find the parallels – they’re there! No serious threats, only minor nuisances to deal with. A scuffle in the beginning of the month will work out by the end. Halloween is sure to be an exciting time, revel in the magic!

Virgo: Death (Page of Pentacles) Life is said to be governed by the endless cycles of birth and death; anything born will also pass. An aspect of your personality calls for this transition, and though you may feel attached to an image of who you are, identifying thus is stifling new growth. It might be helpful to get in touch with your inner child to bring forth your more playful side. Find time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life instead of worrying – take a walk in the forest, climb a mountain, watch a sunset, or spend time with animals and kids. Start a new routine at the beginning of the month and you’ll be amazed at the shift that occurs in you.

Libra: Judgment (King of Swords) A renewal of energy grants you the permission to move in a more deliberate direction. But, you must be the one to call the shots and take the necessary risks involved in this process. This is a serious time to evaluate your current position in life. An important person whom you respect could provide a more objective perspective, if you ask. Do not hesitate in pursuing matters that relate to business, and be shrewd in all your dealings; if something slips through the cracks this month, there will be a big price to pay. The New Moon on the 10th is a great time for revisiting dreams that have been shelved for the ground is still fertile for planting.

Sagittarius: Hanged Man (King of Wands) Sacrifice is a part of life that serves to disengage your conscious mind from that which controls it.  If you can suspend your convictions to see what lies beneath, you may discover that you uphold principles which no longer represent who you are. Ask yourself what you have given your power to, or for whom you have compromised yourself – bring the focus back to your needs. As you step into a more confident role, you will discover that fear of failure has been preventing you from accomplishing your heart’s desire. Life will begin to feel a little lighter when a specific goal you’ve been working on pays off around the 14th.

Scorpio: Emperor (5 of Swords) Tension and struggles in your life are often proportionate to your inner battles; the more you attempt to control external circumstances, the less you feel in control of your own power. Sometimes losing the battle helps you recover a long-lost piece of yourself. You’ve worked extremely hard to hold something together that has unfortunately caused more upheaval than satisfaction. Through your willful determination, you’ve sustained a project that is long overdue – the time has come to throw in the towel. Don’t undermine your strength by acting obstinately as the outcome you desire is closer than you realize. Issues with an authority figure may arise during the middle of the month, so be sure to remain true to yourself.

Capricorn: Empress (10 of Swords) Your life-style is managed more by your “mind-style” than you probably realize. That being said, it’s time recreate. You are the artist and life is your canvas; make the most of what you have and disregard what is no longer fashionable. You may want to consider renovating your home or moving as changes on the home front are imminent. A significant woman in your life may initiate some of these changes; be patient and trust your own sense of timing. A burden will be lifted after the 17th and with it you must also release any resentment you’ve been harboring.

Aquarius: Fool (King of Cups) Get ready to fall down the magic rabbit hole for an adventure of sublime paradox. What you think you know is up for question – to find the answer you must solve the riddles of rhyme and reason. No point in guarding your vulnerability for it illuminates the way through the labyrinth of your confusion. Unexpected twists are likely to provoke a great deal of emotion this month, particularly in the realm of relationships. You may be caught off-guard by the feelings of another, so be sure to communicate your thoughts or severe misunderstandings could occur. The weekend of the 19th would be an opportune time for romance or provocative confessions. 

Pisces: Hierophant (9 of Cups) Curiosity is a means for discovering the mysteries of life and desire can be viewed as the impetus to do so. However, life is also defined by the questions you refuse to ask and the journeys you never take. If you strive for something more than fleeting happiness and instant gratification, you will be likely to encounter a profound sense of knowing – a centered place within your soul. Seek to develop your own philosophy rather than borrowing an empty belief system. Nothing external will ever fulfill you in the same way as your own truth, distilled as it is from your lessons and experiences. Answers to past questions could be revealed around the 22nd – be sure to pay attention to the signs!

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