The Hierophant

A guided meditation by Michelle Swan

Take a couple of deep, calming breaths. When you are ready, you can begin.

You walk into an empty, old, gothic style church. You missed the service by fifteen minutes, yet you can feel the energy of the parishioners swirling in the church. Footsteps echo behind you and you turn. A handsome man dressed in a long brown duster coat is right behind you. Does he look familiar to you? He winks, then walks past you and lights the candles at the altar.  He holds out his hand to you; he turns to stare right in your eyes. What colors reflect in his eyes? Brown, blue, gray?

“Come here, seeker.” His rich deep voice resonates in the church.

“Who are you?” “I have many names, but names rarely tell who we truly are. Some people wish to call me The Hierophant.”

You walk toward him and he towers over you. “Why are you here?”

“I’m waiting for you, of course.” He places his hand on your shoulder. “You want to understand the mysteries of life?” He laughs.

Is he laughing at you, or laughing at your question? You are not sure.

You nod to his question.

“If I tell you what they are, then it will be of no value to you. Live, and the answers will come.”

“How will they come?”

“You must look behind what is accepted as Truth to find what you seek. Read beyond the words. Open the doors that are closed. When you do so, you will understand all. Time is of the essence. You should leave now.”

You turn to leave the empty cathedral. 

“The Journey ahead will take you to dark places. That is all part of it. Embrace it, and you’ll understand. I am always here, behind the scenes.”

As you begin to respond, The Hierophant has vanished. 

You walk out of the church to find yourself back in your reality. What do the words of The Hierophant mean? Think about your meeting with him. If you wish to speak with him again, you can always return. He waits for you.

Please write about your experiences with The Hierophant in your Tarot journal.