September's Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

The TarotScopes this month feature the cards from a newly released deck from U.S. Games Systems called The Sacred Art Tarot which will be reviewed in the next editon of Tarot Reflections.  Copyright (c) 2008, U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Wheel of Fortune (3 of Swords) A twist of fate lands you face to face with an uncomfortable reality; be prepared to make some changes to your plans. Complicated as your situation may seem, try not to stray too far from the original goal. This disruption can actually pave the road for new opportunities. Refrain from pessimistic thinking and be careful what you wish for! The full moon on the 15th will illuminate what needs to utilized, and what needs to be set aside. Be wise about where you place your energy – once this ball gets rolling, there is no stopping it.


Hanged Man (Ace of Swords) You have reached an impasse that strategizing cannot affect. To a large extent, it is your current point of view that has immobilized you to this degree. Your expectations could be too rigid, or beyond the scope of your present capabilities. Use this pause in time to reflect on your intentions, then develop a plan of action that supports them. After the 17th, you will feel more at ease with your plans, so be prepared to sacrifice your stance if you want to make things happen. Avoid dealing with underhanded people.


Temperance (2 of Pentacles) Adaptability may be your forte, but this month it could also be your downfall. You’ve got too many balls in the air right now, and are likely to run out of energy; a redistribution of priorities is necessary. Be honest about what matters most to you, and why. All your obligations are stifling the fun and could be the cause to your inter-relational problems. Find a middle ground to reestablish your personal and professional affairs. The weekend of the 19th is a great time to take a gamble with someone or something.


Justice (Knight of Pentacles) A quandary arises this month that causes you to reconsider how you interpret right and wrong. More apt to condemn someone else’s behavior and excuse your own – you’re looking for trouble. Take responsibility for your circumstances and look at how you play a part in their cause. Professing morals can be an excuse to not accept responsibility. A financially draining commitment may need to be reviewed. Let go of stubborn feelings of obligation and do what’s right to you. Though it may come through conflict, the 22nd will offer you the freedom you desire. 


Fool (3 of Wands) Before signing your power away, check the contract thoroughly, both literally and metaphorically. Smooth talkers come in every form, even as your own inner voice. You will be presented with an opportunity that’s “too good to be true.” The problem is, it may not be. An urge to leap into unknown territories will have severe consequences at this time. It would be better to channel that energy into pursuing a new interest or hobby. This restless feeling should diminish by the end of the month, so hang in there and hang on to your money.   


Star (Ace of Pentacles) Faith is often misunderstood as blind trust in some unseen, omnipotent force. Wishful thinking motivated by longing or worry is complacence at best. Having confidence in yourself and an understanding of how to apply your energy is faith that is founded upon self-assurance. Keep your intention focused this month and you will be amazed at what you manifest. No time for passivity, you must channel this power in a deliberate fashion. The last weekend of the month is an intense one; doubts may creep closer to the surface, but you have the power to put them to rest.


Lovers (10 of Cups) An emotional situation has you rethinking your options. Your current path presents a fork in the road at which you must choose one thing and lose another. However, the decision is not as important as the motivation behind it; your values are put on display when you chose one thing over another, just like your relationships mirror you. The beginning of the month contains seeds of temptation. Take time deciding what you want to grow, if anything, from them. Also, keep in mind that your choices affect those closest to you. 


Empress (King of Cups) The quality of your relationships is in question this month; you need to examine which are based on mutual respect and emotional generosity, and which are rooted in codependency and fear. To love someone is to trust and accept them while honoring your own needs as well. Your giving ways are becoming a little controlling; there are hidden expectations thwarting your true expression. You may need to stop playing the counselor or mother in order to relate authentically. The first week of the month is a great time to open up about your feelings with that special someone.


Magician (Ace of Wands) Seize the day! Or in this case – the month! You are in an advantageous place to make mountains move; no time for hesitation though. A project started around the Spring Equinox has harvested a crop of plenty and you are in the position to capitalize on this. The 7th is a promising day for opportunity; however, you must be proactive in making things happen. Pay attention to synchronicity of events, do not be afraid to push your own agenda, and let your natural charisma do the talking. Just be sure to watch your step.


High Priestess (Ace of Cups) There is a great deal of internal activity that will confuse and fascinate you. Even more strangely, people will respond to you very differently this month. You will find it challenging to get your point across if you do so from a logical stance; it will be much easier to appeal to their emotions. Do not be alarmed by the shifts in your mood; this is an emotional period with a rhythm of its own. The week of the 8th is a mysterious time – trust your intuition over your mind.


Devil (Page of Wands) “Oh the tangled webs we weave when at first we learn to deceive.” An innocent curiosity has gotten you into some deep water – can you handle it? You’re in a precarious place this month, and it would be wise to be honest with yourself. Something or someone you are attached to is no longer a positive influence, and, although you think you are in control, an addiction is developing. The deeper you go, the darker it will become, and the harder it will be to find the truth. Skeletons may fall out of your closet around the 12th.


Emperor (7 of Wands) Power struggles are a natural part of life and are designed to teach you about your own capabilities. You will come up against a formidable opponent this month. The problem is, it’s invisible. Like a warrior who fights for a cause, it is your duty to defend the honor of your convictions. If you assert yourself for the sake of power, you will lose; you must approach this challenge with personal integrity and directness. The strength of your character will be measured by how you handle yourself. The weekend of the 13th begins your test of personal power.