The Wheel of Wisdom


By Terri C.

The Wheel of Wisdom created by Orna Ben-Shoshan

Published by Kabbalah Insights,

Artist Orna Ben-Shoshan with Kabbalah Insights brings us an exciting and unique tool for personal insight.  The Wheel of Wisdom is a fast and easy way to receive profound personal insight.  

The Wheel of Wisdom itself is constructed, as a “Lazy Susan” style wheel, made with laminated cardboard held together in the center with a brad.  One side (the front) of The Wheel is comprised of a busy and colorful sun mandala featuring recognizable artwork by Orna Ben-Shoshan, who was also the artist for The King Solomon Oracle Deck published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  This side of The Wheel provides 96 answers, inspired from ancient karma scripts, as powerful statements to answer your question.  The other side features a simple but decorative mandala and provides additional information and insights from 36 Angels.

The Wheel of Wisdom comes complete with a 32-page, small, paperback Interpretation Book.  This booklet gives very clear instructions about how to consult The Wheel of Wisdom, how often you can ask questions, what and how to ask.  The booklet states that it is best to use the Wheel for your own personal questions, but offers advice as to how to ask a question for a third party.

Here are a couple of examples of the answers using the front side of The Wheel:

#14  Be confident that what you desire will be realized.  You have to fully trust the person from which you ask this thing.  This issue is in your favor and will be materialized because you honestly earned it.  Expect good news.

#25  Whatever you are doing now may put you at great risk.  The whole subject is not good for you, although it stands at the top of your aspirations.  Stop dealing with it.  Alternately – even if you have a burning desire to achieve something – it’s not worth the risk.

Here are a few of examples of answers using the Angel side of The Wheel:

#26  A creative solution is needed for the problem you are faced with / wait and let someone else whose feet are planted firmly on the ground handle things for you, then take charge once your judgment has improved.

#28  Your battle has already been lost, wait 3 moons for the situation to change or for the environment to be purified of negative influences / don’t progress until you can see the situations clearly / seek outside help in order to be freed from the current situation.

#35  Now is the time to take risks, be audacious and act with courage and confidence without worrying about the consequences.

After using The Wheel with my client base for daily insight, we found that this tool really packs a punch.  Sometimes, it takes a little reflection to determine the message when asking a general, “what do I need to know ?” question.  However, was very direct and to the point when asking specific questions.

I would recommend keeping the packaging, including the packing cardboard, to store the wheel and booklet, when they are not in use as they are a bit delicate.

The Wheel of Wisdom would make an interesting addition to any divinatory collection and can be used right out of the box.  It might also be fun for the professional reader to make it available for clients to explore in the waiting area while they are waiting for their readings.

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