July Message from the Frolicking Fae

By Terri C.

featuring The Fey Tarot

As we move into the month of July and beyond, it’s very important to focus on our dreams and expectations.  

Let go of that feeling that the “Grass is Greener…”  or “What I have is not good enough.”  Stand up, look around you, what do you see?  What is positive, what works?  What do you have?

Look at where you are going.  Where do you want to be next week, next month, next year, ten years from now.  Take reasonable steps to get there, but above all, EXPECT!

Now is the time, to leave all fears behind and really stretch yourself.  Push yourself further, reach higher!

Towards the middle of the month, you will definitely want to spend some time out in Nature.  Why not get a group of friends together and start a walking schedule.  Change it up.  Change the locations, times, etc.  Keep it fun.  Maybe start some friendly competitions.  By all means, though, get outside!  

Maybe as a group, you can adopt a park, or something of the sort.  Do the weeding, pick up the trash.  Maybe plant a flower or two.  

Towards the end of the month, you will find, that it is a good time for traveling and social get-togethers.  A party doesn’t need a reason to happen.  Is it time to gather those you care about together, have a feast or bar-b-que?  Do you really need a special reason to do this?  Why not just get together and have some fun!

If you are traveling this month, plan on smooth sailing.  Just don’t over schedule yourself.  Leave some loose time, just to play.

This entire month is a wonderful time to tap into that feminine strength and energy.  That goes for the guys reading this as well.  We all run masculine and feminine energy at different times.  Now is the time to tap into that softer, yet strong, feminine side.

This month can also be a time of creativity.  Creating something out of what appears to be nothing.

So to sum it up, dream and EXPECT!  Let go of fears.  Get outside.  Socialize.  Have a party with friends.  Tap into that feminine side and create!

As always, I hope you find that this message from the Fae helps guide you through the ups and downs of this month!!  Remember to say a special little thank you to our Fae Friends for the guidance, insight and entertainment!

See you again, next month and keep the faith!

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