July's Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

This month's TarotScopes features the Cary-Yale Visconti Tarocchi Deck published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., and available on their website and through fine Tarot sellers everywhere.  We are featuring it this month as a homage to all readers who participate in Renaissance Festivals during the summer and focus on using authentic tools that would be available during those time periods.


Magician (4 of Cups) 

As the master of your fate you have more influence than you know, but to remain in a state of indifference will only stifle your imagination. Sometimes all you can do is suit up and show up; performance is a part of life. It is important to infuse your own life with pizzazz rather than wait for someone or something to do it. If you are tired of a mediocre and boring routine, be creative and make the most of what you have. Get off your couch and make it happen – there is no better day than today! 


Temperance (Ace of Pentacles) 

Before you rush into a situation, be sure to take a moment and ponder the bigger picture. Your excitement could easily push you further than you are prepared to go. In relationships, passion, like fire, will heat things up, but it will also burn out. There are more stable elements to sustain a grounded affair, like trust and respect. A project begun last winter will yield profits after the 21st—this would be a great time for investing in something else. Give expression to your creative side by starting a new hobby or breathing new life into a current one.


Lovers (6 of Swords) 

After any crisis or upset there is a need to reexamine the choices that led you there. If you want to change your life, you must first begin to change your mental attitude. Examine how your current values are or are not resulting in what you want. A small trip could easily turn into a voyage of the mind; it might be just what you need to literally distance yourself and shift your perspective. Before making any big relationship decisions around the 17th, be sure you’re aware of the consequences. Something you overlooked will be uncovered.


Strength (6 of Pentacles) 

A compromise that seems beyond your ability will emerge and give you quite a challenge. By now you should know life isn’t always fair and neither are people, at least not by your standards. A situation you have been donating much of your time and resources to will suddenly take a detour. Although your goodwill may go unnoticed, there is a greater lesson for you in all this. Be honest about what you were getting out of it rather than playing the victim. If you are really feeling taken advantage of, then stop giving and stop complaining!


Hierophant (10 of Swords) 

People are always in the process of becoming; through the experience of life, you have the option to choose what you represent and what you do not. Some of the greatest hardship occurs when you try to hold on to a mindset that no longer supports who you are. Let go of the goals that belong to your parents, your friends, society, religious institutions – if they don’t also authentically belong to you. Why perpetuate a false image when you can promote a relevant part of yourself? The 21st presents a doorway to a new you.


Hanged Man (3 of Wands) 

Sit back and relax a minute; you are not going to have as much momentum as you’d like. A project you were expecting to complete will suddenly come to a screeching halt. There is a hidden opportunity in all of this if you can remain calm and aware. Be sure and attend any meetings you are invited to and don’t cancel anything already scheduled. The lesson this month is about maintaining purposeful attention and how to put that to work. If you try to force resolution of an issue, you will miss out on something big.


Star (6 of Wands) 

Sometimes all you need is a little positive attention, yet this may now feel harder to come by than usual. When you put yourself out there and show vulnerability, not knowing how you will be received, it can feel scary. However, not showing the real you means that only one layer of your ego is accepted – the real you remains a stranger. Relationships are founded upon connection – the stronger the connection, the more stable the relationship. You must trust that who you are is enough and worthy of acceptance. Artists, all eyes and smiles are on you this month, so strut your stuff!


Judgment (5 of Pentacles) 

Unfortunately, there are speed bumps ahead that may cause physical discomfort. Material limitations are likely to provoke feelings of powerlessness; however, how you experience this fear is most important. Pay attention to your “crisis default.” Do you crumble to pieces, charge ahead, blame others or run away? What do you do when the going gets tough? As you explore this, you will notice new ways of dealing with challenges. The first step in reclaiming your power is to acknowledge how you contributed to the problem in the first place. When you confront your issues, you have more choices about how to manage them.


Tower (Knight of Cups) 

There’s nothing worse than a treasured hope crashing down without any reason. Your devotion to a certain relationship has carried you on cloud nine for some time now; however, as reality collides with fantasy, you are left rummaging through the pieces for an explanation. Do not withdraw – there is something profoundly spiritual in this experience. For those involved in clandestine affairs, the truth will reveal itself in a very ugly way. While your heart and ego may feel bruised, you are better off living in integrity.


Justice (7 of Cups) 

There is a vague line between what is considered true and false. This becomes confusing when you accept prevailing social standards without questioning what is right and real for you. There is an issue that you are taking way too seriously. Instead of weighing the pros and cons over and over again, admit that you’re worried about making the wrong choice and are avoiding the decision. However, your inaction gives you a false sense of security. Move confidently in one direction and be willing to accept responsibility for what happens.


Wheel of Fortune (8 of Cups) 

Life is a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, but the one fact you can count on is that it will change! Though we are governed by these ever-changing tides of fate, we are also major players in the grand scheme of things. Use this time to effect change rather than be affected by it. Circumstances that seem beyond your control only make you a victim if you let them. An emotionally charged issue has reached a point of exhaustion. It’s time to walk away and reflect on what you learned. No more brooding!


Chariot (Ace of Cups) 

This is a time for action, a period to follow the dictates of your heart and move in the direction of your feelings. You must be brave enough to look at your relationships and admit what you are feeling. Emotions may run deep, but they will not drown you as long as you choose to keep moving unceasingly within them. You will be challenged to face an unknown side of yourself. If you acquiesce in favor of harmony, it will be at your expense. Be prepared to hear some unflattering critiques and remember that no one is perfect.

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