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The Beltane Fires kick off the lusty month of May on the first of the month. The Eve is also celebrated as we will do here at Moonhaven in Melrose. Earth Religions worldwide enjoy this time of feast and frolic to coordinate with the raising of the sap in nature which extends to our own warming desires and aspirations. A great time for us all to raise the fire within for whatever purpose we might require. 

In 1976, I had the honor of meeting an Ancient Native Wise Woman by the name of Mello Rye who shared a May Day ritual with a group of us which I have enjoyed over the years. 

She told us to go to the ocean at dawn and as the sun is rising, the group should stand at the water's edge and stamp our feet all together chanting Awak - nia over and over, this is to awaken the Earth Mother to stand up for Herself and feel the support of Her people. This is a simple ritual practiced  in one form or another by indigenous people all over the world feel free to enjoy and share.

By May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, the moon will be full in Scorpio which always promises a level of intensity for many of us spiritually and emotionally. We are also experiencing an intensification of changes in the electromagnetic field of the planet, which as I have described in last month's Astroflash, has been more challenging to us all including our animals.

With the Sun in Scorpio's opposite sign Taurus, we are once again invited to contemplate our values and what we hold most dear and how does this motivate us to run our lives. The Full Scorpio Moon says, "Very well, then, how are you willing to transform your beliefs and life to support the times economically, emotionally and  how do you use or misuse power and resources?" Important questions that we all must ponder to make all our lives work better. Because these are fixed signs, the energies may feel more rigid and they are. The issues that I bring up are likely to flare up in one way or another, personally and or globally at this time.

Word to the wise, it is always better to meet the challenge of the changes as you begin to recognize them brewing even if only incrementally rather than wait for the roof to fall on your head. By meeting these shifts before they are full blown you have the gift of meeting the issues on your own terms rather than having them foisted upon you with no alternatives when it is too late. 

With Mars in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces, the asteroid of the wounded healer, we are being invited to find material ways to make changes that particularly move to preserve and heal our water. With Neptune and Chiron both in Pisces, it will be all about our water for a long long time. 

In case you haven't noticed, the devastation daily being poured into our oceans from the never healed BP gusher and hundreds of other oil spills globally and the radioactive leakage from Fukashima, we are in trouble and whoever is in office is going to have to make this a priority. [After I wrote this part, the news  broke through about a huge oil spill in Russia.] When will the oil lobbies take their collective feet off the auto industry and let them economically make the cars that Tesla designed that didn't need petroleum? Just maybe that time is coming soon as power becomes decentralized. I'm telling you, It's all in the stars!

As I and many of have said over the last 2 years, there has been a major cover up about this contamination and with a Scorpio Full Moon, the veil will be lifted and is being lifted as we speak. {today Apr 24 right after I wrote this the first BP engineer is being convicted of obstruction of justice for destroying thousands of posts that showed the BP leadership KNEW that triple the amount of oil per day was leaking into the ocean, see ABC News! Finally somebody in the mainstream is also crying FOUL for BP spending $82 billion to hype the Gulf as being safe as far as food and touristry rather than paying the locals back for destroying their lives and lands not to mention the rest of the world that will inevitably suffer.

Before a healing can begin in earnest, the Powers that Were need to publicly announce and agree that these problems exist thereby ending a media blackout so folks keep your ears to the ground and your eyes to more liberal news to hear the real stories as they trickle out.

Starting in June, I will resume doing musical Full Moon rituals to Heal the Waters here at Moonhaven. Last month we joined with Soulfire4theGulf  to do a series of ceremonies to Heal the Waters of the Gulf which was a global initiative with great result. See their website for more info. We were most proud to be involved with such an incredible project and if this turns you on, know that this was just the beginning and as this movement builds you will see notices on this site and my own.

Remember that no matter how dark these times get, this world runs on vibration and the more that each and everyone of us can become energetic beacons of positive thought and action the more quickly that we can elevate and co create that critical mass to make the kind of world that we want to live in. There's more to it but that simple and sometimes not so simple practice will keep you being part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Saturn will be retrograde in Libra all month and Pluto will be retrograde in Capricorn and these two intense celestial bodies can really effect the global theater. When planets are retrograde, their energy has to move inward before it manifests changes outwardly so for better or worse, the fever pitch of revolutionary zeal may  slow down for a bit and simmer. Mars is out of retrograde in Virgo so we can expect some wordy saber rattling but not as much "action" as we were seeing some months ago when Uranus and Pluto were in a tighter square with each other.

In a way, this is good because these pauses during retrogrades allow us to integrate and digest the  transformations that seem to fly into our lives jet propelled.

On May 15 til June 27, lovely Venus turns her back and goes retrograde in order that we re evaluate our relationships or our desires for them. Because Venus is in Gemini, this can be a great time for integrating some deeper communication and reviewing past decisions so that more understanding and fulfillment is possible. Talk, talk, and more talk and you will find yourself in the middle of a happier day.

A fun exercise to do with  your partner is for each of you to draw up a Top Ten Turn On list [this needn't be sexual but can include sexual things too.] You may be delighted by the  things you discover to enjoy together. Have some fun with this we all need to lighten up and enlighten up about now.  Good news is that Venus and Saturn are trine which is a flowing relationship so that some relationships are liable to find an even greater security as a result. Very important under that aspect not to let your love become stale and joyless. Make that list and check it thrice and find out if your honey is naughty or nice!

This IS NOT a great time to begin a new relationship unless you don't care if its a permanent one as you will simply not have all the information needed to choose the appropriate partner.  If you are just looking for a fling do your thing but don't look at a Maserati and expect it to turn into a station wagon just because you have a bond OK!

Be that all as it may, it is never the wrong time to OPEN YOUR HEARTS WIDE and that is precisely the energy that will help us all move through these times with more grace and fluidity. 

Holy Light Waves gang we are due for a Solar Eclipse on the New Moon in Gemini on May 20. These Eclipses can be quite profound and can signal major shifts personally and politically. Energetically we will be getting a major download of reshaped energy and information. I have noticed that many wars have begun and ended on Eclipses and this can be a time of beginnings and endings. The energetic spiral of change that we are weaving grows ever tighter and hence faster and such times herald this quickening. 

Embrace the miraculous as it is quite possible that we will see miracles in many realms this year that we heretofore believed were impossible. We are quantum leaping and if you were to ask someone in 1950 about some of the things that we use everyday like Cel phones etc, they would have told you that you were crazy so, stay open for the miracles as they are coming.

We may also see some intense seismic upheavals near Japan, the West Coast, and  weather or other difficulties in Texas too as this eclipse will connect strongly in these areas.  If you live near those areas it would be good to have a plan for how to contend with potential Earth Changes and for all of us, stocking up on special items and medicines that you want to be sure to have is a good idea just in case.

According to astrologer Stephanie Austin, this Eclipse is conjunct the Pleiades Star Cluster which is venerated in many Ancient cultures. This will surely result in  some amazing and magical occurrences and a major time of reseeding a new consciousness. If you want to hear more about the amazing beings from the Pleiadies you can YouTube The Pleiadians and listen to many beautiful videos. As some of you know not all on Utube is worth  viewing so if you find one that doesn't ring true click it away. Astrologer Barbara Hand Clow also writes some great volumes on the subject as well.

To maintain your balance during these rapidly changing times treasure and seek moments of peace and serenity when you can find them and create them for yourself  as often as possible. Spend time in nature and with loved ones of the two and four legged variety and try to spend your free time with those who bring out the best in you and support the positive new beginnings in your life.  Many alternative healing techniques can give you relief from stress and pain. Be aware of  people who will vampirize your energy and leave you feeling empty, you deserve more and you will serve your best interests by sharing with those who give back. Obviously with illness and age that isn't always possible but you do get what I mean. Remember its time for more balance...Saturn in Libra demands balance and so does your body, mind, and spirit. 

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