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May. This is the month that "officially" kicks off the season for Renaissance Faires throughout the country! This is the month that also starts with my "paying" at the day job for all the time I took off to go to the Readers Studio, building and publishing this issue of Tarot Reflections, and dealing with the consequences of booking a Ren Faire a 6 hour drive away. And this is only within the first 2 weeks! o_O Could my life be any more like the Ten of Wands? Would I have it any other way? Probably not!

We know of one person for whom the month of May is starting out nicely… the winner of the April contest!

Congratulations, Sherryl from California, USA!

Sherryl won with her correct guess of the 8 of Pentacles from the Mystic Faerie Tarot published by Llewellyn Worldwide.

Enjoy the issue and we hope you have a wonderful and interesting May ahead!

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