Reading Responsibly:  Long-distance Readings

By Peggy Firth, CTM

I recently created my web site,, which offers both phone and email  readings.  After pondering my choice to read long distance, I wondered if my decision was wise.  Do I feel confident enough with these methods to be able to read accurately?  What are the pros and cons?


I took note of my feelings as I began reading the Tarot for my weekly email Free Tarot Network readings this morning.  I paid attention to how I formulated my readings, to how the process differs from an in person, face-to-face reading.  It was interesting to note that I had very little to go on, which forced me to pay much more attention to the cards. 


I also noted that email Tarot readings give me time to formulate answers and even consult my reference books, a left-brain habit of mine.  Some of my written answers mirror my own situation, which I often describe to the querent to better clarify my response.  As a spiritual counselor, I know that we attract such situations in others as will benefit our own understanding of ourselves.


I also had to consider that some querents live in other parts of the world, where there might be restrictions on some of the freedoms that Westerners take for granted, especially in regard to women’s rights.  I was careful to not recommend certain actions that might be perilous. 


When the 900 Tarot reading business first started, I signed up thinking this would give me lots of practice.  I remember how scared I felt, not only because I was just beginning to read the cards, but also because my impressions were limited to the spoken word.  However, after a few weeks, I noticed that the querent’s voice seemed to contain all that I needed to draw on for accurate readings.  I quit after the competition became so great that my contact informed me that winning lottery numbers were to be promised.  Yeah, right! 


I did learn some things, though.  I found that readings by phone work about the same way as live and in person readings.  If I were to describe any subtle differences, I would say that phone readings allow me to focus on the cards without any distractions.  It is said that an employment interviewer’s impressions of a person, after two seconds, often determine whether or not a person is hired.  However, the visual impression is merely the outer person.  As Tarot readers, we have to consider the inner person.


To make the most of long-distance readings, I realize I have to come kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century, where the younger generation handles text messaging, online chatting, and video streaming, with ease. 


Lupa, a Tarotist out of Atlanta with a growing online presence, embraces this modern technology.  She uses an interesting internet video/chat combination for long-distance readings.  “I think some readers worry about being able to connect energetically with their questioner,” she says.  “I enjoy doing readings in person even in noisy distracted places like at a party or coffee shop, but doing readings over the internet reduces it down to JUST the energetic exchange between questioner and reader.  There are no other distractions, so the messages that come through tend to be much more focused.”  Lupa’s website,, has video streams of her long-distance readings so that potential clients can see exactly what she offers.  

All this technology can be intimidating, but it can also be a great tool for the Tarotist.  As long as my intent for assisting others is to be helpful, I feel confident that I can master these forms of communication.

With confidence and the right tools, I can further improve my long-distance readings.  After all, intuition transcends physical space, and in a pinch, I can read the cards anywhere.

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