Merlin Stone In Memoriam

By Flash Silvermoon

Merlin Stone, you searched and searched and shared all the deep mysteries that you found so generously sifting through the shards of our forgotten and hidden past. Without your coffee soaked vision quests, my understanding of the Goddess would have had a much smaller scope, my Wise Woman's Tarot would surely have been missing some amazing, yet less remembered Goddesses, and the world would have been slower in recognizing the simple fact that God was once and is still a woman and that we could all see ourselves reflected in some Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood.

We stand on your shoulders gently and in awe and gratitude for your complete dedication to creating space for the Goddess of a thousand names to rise from the underground like a flaming Phoenix.

We follow your lead and like a flaming phoenix we will all rise from our own ashes and resurrect self respect.

Goddess, speed dear Merlin and may you be attended by many mystical maidens on your journey home.

Maat will weigh your heart and see its lightness and Hecate will cut away any and all dross form your shoulders and simply say, "Well Done."


Flash Silvermoon

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