March Astroflash

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April 8 - 10, 2011

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By Flash Silvermoon

Somehow it seems like everything is on the front burner and going full tilt to boot. Energetically, I think we are all on overwhelm in one way or another and lately in many ways. The main planetary culprit for this sensation of the world and life suddenly spinning intensely and seemingly wildly out of control is the hard aspect between Jupiter and Pluto.

Pluto has been in Capricorn for the last couple of years and that has brought us to the brink of economic collapse and revolution. All that is corporate and established is getting a major overhaul and finally being held accountable. You can believe in such times that secrets and scandals in these seats of power will be exposed and duplicitous dealings will not stand indefinitely in the closet. As a matter of fact, by the end of this cycle not much except clothes will be in the closet.

Jupiter, newly in the fiery sign of Aries is inflaming and enlarging the rebellious fervor In places where regimes have squashed and enslaved the spirit of the people for years. Jupiter in Aries is firing up the vibration of rebellion and courage to to depose tyrants and all manner of despots globally and nationally. We see it daily in the news as the oppressed rise up and shout a loud and resounding NO! Who knows, perhaps the oppressed in this country will seize the moment sparked by Egypt and Wisconsin and demand a return of our civil rights and other lost benefits at the very least.

Jupiter expands all that it touches and in the sign of Aries the need for truth and the courage to manifest our beliefs spreads like wild fire. Freedom is contagious and I feel my own heart swell with pride as we start to see progressive movements back in the streets standing up for rights and doing it often without violence.There are some very brave people in the world willing to risk bloodshed for a better life and in most cases, bloodshed was a part of their lives anyway.

I think with Pluto challenging the Capricorn/Saturn ruled energy which stands for the established order, we are seeing more grass roots rebellion rather that military coups. In this country, where the Corporatization has taken over steadily since 1984 when Pluto entered Scorpio and trickle down Reaganomics only trickled up to the Military Industrial Complex, we are seeing the devastating result with the need to put power back into the hands of the people.

We could also see some unexpected changes, upsets or reversals in the sports world too. If you have been waiting to get the confidence up to introduce yourself to someone special or even seek a raise or change of employment this might well be your month.

People are forever asking me about 2012 and you must know that it is here! This is the beginning of the breaking down and breaking out of outmoded ways of being in the world. We see the the Earth Changes as we watch all the bizarre and extreme weather reports, governments falling and political shifts coming seemingly out of the blue. This is the tip of an iceberg that will offer changes that are both challenging as well as very positive in the long run and some even in the short run. If you want to know some of what is causing the extreme weather, look up H.A.R.P. on some truth telling sites and you will understand much including the multitudes of birds and fish suddenly dying all over the world! This is the time for those who love the Earth and everything on it to step up and support Her in every way possible. We do have the means and light to save the Planet.

I can tell as I write that I am channeling the voice of Uranus which will re-enter the sign of Aries again on March 20, the Spring Equinox, and will remain in that sign for many years. The term, heads will roll, may be a very apt term as heads of state may be targets of change and revolutionary zeal. The sign of Aries actually rules the head.

Jupiter squaring Pluto is a warm up for Uranus squaring Pluto which is just starting to give us a taste of energies that we have not seen since the sixties. Of course, life has changed considerably since then with the revolution of computers and all manner of electronics and communication devices. What will be similar is the creative outpouring of people seeking new and better ways to live in balance with the Earth and each other. We are living through the death throes of the patriarchy, an old rule that is flailing around defiantly to keep its weakening stranglehold from being noticed. 

This energy will be softened a bit by the collection of 6 planets in Pisces as we approach the New Moon on March 4. This is a good time to bring out your talents and creativity as well as open yourself to love and spiritual pursuits. The Full Moon in Virgo on March 19 could have an opposite effect as we may desire more inner journeys instead.

Spring Equinox, March 20 7:20 PM will be one to remember as the Sun and Uranus enter the sign of Aries at roughly the same time. This will be incredibly powerful and will likely bring more radical changes of all kinds into the world. Because this conjunction falls so close to the Descendant to the chart of Washington DC, there could be some unexpected shifts in our government as well as responses from known enemies of the U.S.

This is and will be a time of great spiritual opening and wonderment so please don't fear the changes and the seeming chaos and darkness that greets us in the news. The biggest danger now is to fall into the fear that is being deliberately created to diminish our spirits and keep us silenced. Instead of healing many are drugged into numbness and toxic substances of all kinds are compromising our food, water and air however, that being said, we are also on the verge of a multitude of discoveries to turn some of this around through genius and good technology. The best thing that each of us can do is to listen to our own intuition, speak the truth and hold an elevated vibration in your hearts for yourself and the planet. We can use these powerful energies to stay buoyant in the storm and to throw a life preserver to others who need the lift.

I heard one of my favorite songs from back in the day by the Jefferson Airplane, " Volunteers of America" and the lyrics still ring so true. "One generation got old, one generation got bold, this generation's got no destination to hold pick up the cry!" 

Those strident words bring tears to my eyes as I remember marching through the streets of DC with the legal aid phone number scribbled on my arm and a red bandanna to protect myself from tear gas. We railed against the government that would willfully kill and maim in Viet Nam and send our youth to die...and we brought them home! Perhaps we need to find ways to mobilize against the wrongs and make them right again?

The month closes out with a lovely Retrograde Mercury on March 30 til April 24.I know that there are many challenges that come with the retrograde and I will remind you of those things as well but much good can come from this period if you use the time to place your world in order and clear away the clutter on all levels. By reaching in, you can gain a greater understanding of your direction for the next several months and then you will be ready to confidently move forward without obstacles when the retrograde is over and you will not have spent your time swimming upstream. As usual try not to begin anything new during this time or make any binding commitments or make big ticket purchases especially electronics. 

Be sure to double and triple check plans and communication at this time and you can avoid the sour notes that this cycle can play.

All in all this should be a vibrant and exciting month. Perhaps too exciting at times! 

Strap yourselves in to your magic carpet as we shoot the rapids on the cosmic white water of the turbulent month of March.

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