Death Hermit Star

By Kelley Kolberg

For my New Year's resolution, I decided to get in touch with my inner creativity and draw something, anything, nothing in particular once a day for at least an hour.  I love tarot and I love to draw, so I decided my "project" would mean a 3-card draw of the day.

As the days go by, I move on to other things not "making" quite as much time for the things I love to do.

Forty days have since passed, and fearing feeling stagnate and cold to the bone seemingly like a stalactite in and/or on a dark cave, I envision the February icicles melting into March - and reenvision my New Year's resolution for a change, metanoia.  This time at the beginning of lent, I repent and draw 3 cards:  Death, the Hermit and the Star - Reversed, upside down, twinkle twinkle little one, rise again the day is done. 

Upon looking at the cards, my initial response is: ""Death, Hermit, Reversed Star?  Oh, no!  Time to retreat back into my cave."  Like the hermit, I contemplated and contemplated and contemplated some more.  Time to come out of the cave!"

What do the cards all have in common?  Light.  In some manner or another, all of the images contain light. Cycles of Time. Death moves beyond time and creates a path for the new.  The Hermit stands at the edge of time full of wisdom from experience.  And the Star, light years away, brings us time and time again.  Time.  Time to love my neighbors as myself with all of my soul and all of my heart and all of my time.  Time to love my mind.

Death is a regenerative force, transforming our very being, preparing the way for the new, so that the light can shine into the darkness.

The Hermit has been here many times over.  S/he is the alpha and the omega, the Ancient of days who lives beyond death, each year ready for a new cycle yet never repeating the same exact pattern:  the burning and shining lamp... 

A Star generously offering the light of her own heart to the world with compassion and grace.

Death, the Hermit and the Star are all expressions, unique vibrations of the universe:  I am, you, we, they shining, expanding, pulsing with, in, through and of God - illuminating the way through time.  They patiently remind me that time and time again, I am meant to be doing the things that I love to do. 

These 3 cards shout out infinity and melt my imagined stalactites with streams of living water.  A time is coming and now has come when the dead hear the voice of wisdom and live. 

The Hermit has died many times over and identified with the light of the Star, proclaiming "I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but have the light of life."

Behold, for Spring is near!

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