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With all the chaos and disaster happening throughout the world, it is hard to be light-hearted... but maybe it is just the time to be light-hearted.  To be light-hearted is to be hopeful.  Hopeful that mankind will persevere through hardships, no matter how catastrophic.  Hopeful that mankind will set aside the what were thought to be important issues and replace them with the real ones... helping each other and requiring nothing more in return than seeing people get back on their feet again.  While it is great that we reach out to each other in times of crisis--no questions asked--wouldn't it be nice if we could do that for each other when there is no crisis?  Every day, just do something to help someone else... no questions asked.  Wouldn't that be something!

Despite the bad news throughout the world, there are things to be happy about... especially this month!  The Gaian Tarot Collector's Edition created by Joanna Powell Colbert is due out!  The Aeclectic Tarot Forum has published their Top Ten Decks of 2009 and Top Ten Decks of All Time lists, also.  We aren't going to talk about them right now, but we will be next month, so stay tuned!  There are so many things going on, there are too many to mention here!  It is a good time for Tarots and other oracles right now!

I'm also pleased to announce the winner of February's contest!

Congratulations, Janis "JanisOfTarot" Garan, Detroit, Michigan USA!!!

Janis guessed correctly that the card bit was the 8 of Wands from the Hudes Tarot.  I believe a copy of the Morgan's Tarot is already winging its way to her as I write this.  Be sure to enter this month's contest!  We are giving away a new Rabbit Tarot by Nakisha VanderHoeven just in time for Easter!

This month we have our regulars, Terri C., Jeanne Fiorini, Gary Meister, and a new submission from Kelley Kolberg.  I'd also like to mention that we have some artwork this month (the bunnies on our splash page on the ATA website) and on the spread page by Desirae Clement, a very talented young artist!

I'd also like to ask that everyone send healing energy to my Assistant Editor, Melanie Marquis' computer... first Internet issues, then viruses.  She has been plagued with technical difficulties!  Maybe the 'Verse can see fit to bring her a Mac! ☺

Enjoy the issue!

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