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Well, the holidays are over and the resolutions we made at New Year's have become well established…er, maybe some of them! :o) Because of Valentine's Day, February always seems to be thought of a month of love and relationships. I remember, as a child in elementary school, each year my class would spend a significant number of hours making boxes that our classmates could put cards in during our Valentine's Day party. It was a day of "cease fire" between the populars and the nots, between the bullies and the bullied. Everyone had to give cards to everyone. Sometimes, a classmate would up the ante by including a little candy "conversation heart" (remember those?) in the envelope with the card. It was a nice surprise!

While it isn't exactly a surprise, but it is very nice, it's time to announce the winner of the January Contest...

Congratulations, Kimberly Lohman of Modesto, California!

Kimberly won a $50.00 gift card for her correct guess that the clip was from  the 8 of Wands from the Tarot Leaves deck published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Also, not a suprise, but very nice are the articles in this month's issue--enjoy!

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