February's Forecast


By Adrienne Abeyta

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Magician (3 of Swords) 

With the most painful of realizations often come the greatest insights; in experiences of betrayal, you can always depend on yourself. Look at the experiences in your life and find the areas in which you are unhappy, then imagine how it could be different. What does that require from you – how can you affect the situation? You may discover that you’re actually more disappointed with your behavior than you are with the experience. To cut through the illusions, focus your awareness and be willing to accept the truth, no matter how painful it is.


Fool (2 of Pentacles) 

Life is a balancing act in which we constantly shift and adapt to new circumstances and different opportunities. This month, just as you become familiar with something, it changes. If you are open and willing to risk a little, this change can be the chance of a lifetime. Although you are juggling many situations – work, relationships, home, money – rather than focusing on the end result, respond to what’s in front of you. At this point, you can be more effective when responding to the present circumstances. Worrying about the future will only block the flow of energy.


Emperor (9 of Cups) 

In an ideal world, we would each be our only leader; we would follow our own beliefs and be accountable for our own outcomes. Unfortunately though, we have become too dependent on people and systems to do our work. In your attempt to build a personal empire, whatever size it might be, keep in mind that with power comes responsibility. It’s not so much about the success you attain, but what you do with it. Rather than dreaming about what it might be like, get out and make it happen. Your dream is closer than you can imagine.


Tower (Knight of Cups) 

As you become more intimate with your true self, you begin to develop more compassion for others and for yourself. You understand how your own self-importance has stood in the way of deeper connections to life. Once you accept what is, you’re not afraid to see things as they are and you are not ashamed to express your truth. This month, emotionally charged experiences will serve as the catalyst to this authenticity. In every moment there is the opportunity to expand beyond your comfort zone. However, sometimes the existing structure must crumble to make room. Reach for help and you will be supported.


Temperance (3 of Wands) 

The three magic ingredients for success are vision, creativity, and communication. If you can dream up an idea, create a plan, and share it with others, your success is almost guaranteed. However, there is a special time and place for everything. You wouldn’t try to grow sunflowers in the winter! You’re in an expansive phase right now, and if you read your stars right, you could create a real elixir. This is a great time to network and share your plans with others. Let their response fuel your imagination to create those final touches. This is also a great time to enter a contest.


Moon (2 of Wands)

A vision that you have begun to act upon gives rise to feelings of doubt, particularly regarding the way others will receive your plan. It’s wise to keep your ideas to yourself because there’s still more to be discovered, though not in a traditional sense. Dreams and intuition will illuminate these messages; do not discount any strange or uncertain occurrences. If you were planning on initiating something new, you may be blocked in some way. Use this time to reevaluate your course of action and don’t worry – everything is happening as it is supposed to happen.


Death (2 of Cups)

An important relationship in your life will transcend the ordinary boundaries within which it has existed thus far. People will come into your life to reflect something that was previously unrecognized. Ideally, their presence encourages identification with these unknown aspects without the need to attach to the person reflecting them. View relationships in this light or you may forever remain outside yourself, pointing the finger, wishing, or condemning. Just like the seasons change, so to do the people in your life. Allow the changes to occur naturally, and you will invite in just the person you need to teach you about yourself.


Devil (5 of Swords)

Challenge and struggle are perhaps the greatest deterrents to pursuing success. Too often we back down in the face of opposition, or even worse, we blame others for our own misuse of power. An area in your life has you stretched beyond your integrity, and in your plight, you have ignored the fact that what is rightfully yours need not be fought for. Peace and acceptance are much more powerful allies than brute strength and intellectual wit. Do not be ashamed to give up – losing the battle doesn’t mean you lose the lesson.


Sun (7 of Pentacles)

You have finally reached a pinnacle goal in your life, and unfortunately, a feeling of ambivalence has crept in to cloud your happiness. Why, you ask? Because there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and you cannot rest on your laurels; one success makes way for the next process. Reevaluate your goals and begin preparing for another. You may be required to take a risk and invest your energy into a different and less stable direction, but don’t worry – the confidence you achieved in your prior success will lead you in a promising direction. 


World (King of Pentacles)

Something you’ve been diligently pursuing will finally come to fruition, and if you can remain unattached to the outcome, you’ll find that this is only the beginning of a new phase. A goal is merely a reference point toward which to direct your energy; the process and skills you learned on the way are the real treasures. Rather than assuming success based on what you accomplished, feel proud of the way in which you arrived there. What did you learn? How did you improvise? And most importantly, how have you changed? 


Strength (Ace of Cups)

New feelings are emerging from a place that has been carefully closed off, and with this eruption comes many defensive behaviors. Observe your reactions to people and situations: the more you respond, the greater the emotional charge is underneath. Love is a spontaneous energy that doesn’t want to be shackled with the possibility of danger – it wants to rush in and soak up the entirety of the experience. If you cage your desires for too long, they’ll turn and devour you. You must not endeavor to domesticate your passions; it is far wiser and healthier to make constructive use of them.


Justice (Knight of Wands)

You are a collection of various types of impulses and motivations, some of which are not always appropriate to act upon, and others that will serve to change your entire life. Ultimately, you are responsible for filtering through these and determining the best course of action. Impetuous decisions can often lead to unwanted results; even in the heat of the moment, it’s important to weigh the possible consequences. You may feel tempted to follow an urge, but before you leap, be honest with yourself as to whether this is a real opportunity or a wild goose chase.

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