Earth, Air, Fire, Water: What's Your Charm Style?

By Melanie Harris

Take this quiz to find out which of the elements you are most like, and learn how to let your natural charm shine.

    1. You notice a large something or other protruding from your crush's nose.  Do you:
        1. Call out, "Hey, you have something there!"
        2. Totally ignore it.
        3. Rub your own nose until the person gets the hint.
        4. You don't say anything, but you stare at it and worry about your crush's impending embarrassment.
    2. You're at a party, and your love interest has just arrived.  Do you:
        1. Start dancing on a table to get his attention.
        2. Get closer and wait for an opportunity to strike up a conversation.
        3. Rush over and say "Hi! I'm glad that you came. Wanna dance?"
        4. Throw him longing looks from across the room.
    3. Your idea of a dream date involves:
        1. Who cares, as long as it's exciting and ends with a goodnight kiss?
        2. A walk in the woods and a simple picnic.
        3. Rock climbing or kayaking.
        4. A romantic candle-lit dinner.
    4. You love to talk about:
        1. What thrills you, and maybe a bit of gossip.
        2. Whatever needs to be said or done at the moment.
        3. Politics and philosophy.
        4. Your feelings.
    5. You want to be flattering, so you compliment your crush's:
        1. Stunningly hot good looks.
        2. Accomplishments and hard work.
        3. Intelligence.
        4. Personality.
    6. Your favorite outfit is:
        1. Your black vinyl mini-dress.
        2. Jeans and a T-shirt.
        3. Athletic shorts and a tank top.
        4. A flowing skirt and a pretty shirt.
    7. You're swimming with your crush and your swimsuit top slips off and gets lost in the water.  Do you:
        1. Jump out and say, "We are skinny dipping, right?"
        2. Cover yourself with your arms, grab a towel, and call it a day.
        3. Improvise by putting on a T-shirt and then get back to swimming.
        4. Drown, because you're too embarrassed to come out of the water.
    8. You try out a new hair salon and receive a terrible haircut.  Do you:
        1. Dye it blue and proclaim it the latest style.
        2. You would never try a new salon, so you wouldn't have this problem.
        3. Wear a hat and not worry about it; it will grow back soon enough.
        4. Stay home and cry until your wig arrives in the mail.


Mostly A's: Fire Charmer

Mostly B's: Earth Charmer

Mostly C's: Air Charmer

Mostly D's: Water Charmer 

Fire Charmer: You're passionate and bold, and you thrive on excitement.  You may come on a bit strong sometimes, but no one can say you're ever boring.  Your greatest charm asset is your unstoppable confidence, so exude it proudly.

Earth Charmer: You're practical, stable, and understanding.  You have a strong connection to nature, and people feel comfortable around you.  A little more spontaneity would do you good, as you value tradition and tend to fall into predictable routines.  Your greatest charm asset is your natural sense of wonder; let it show through your sparkling eyes.

Air Charmer: You're intelligent, eloquent, and active, and you're always up for an adventure.  You love a good conversation, and as you're also prone to wanderlust, you're the perfect road trip companion.  You go with the flow, and your nonchalant attitude can make you seem insincere at times.  Your greatest charm asset is happiness, as you never stay in a slump for very long. Cheer up those around you and you’ll bring a smile to your crush’s face.

Water Charmer: You're sensitive, emotional, and intuitive, and you're a natural at romance.  You can be a bit shy and timid, and you could stand to act with just a little more boldness.  Your greatest charm asset is intrigue, as you are the queen of mystery. Play with your coyness and subtlety; these tricks get dates!

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